just a reminder

Visually Painted Characters 2:22am, 18 January 2007
everyone stay warm, its cold these days.
The Curse Of Brian PRO 11 years ago
"Cold? You think it's cold, son? I remember back in the days of yore, when we had snow before Christmas - Hell, I remember one year we had 15 inches of snow on Halloween, even! - and people could ice skate on Lake Calhoun at Thanksgiving! Now THAT was cold! You young people of today don't know the meaning of the word 'cold'."

At least, that's what my grandfather would say.
i remember the Halloween blizzard, i remember all that stuff.
Molly Katherine 11 years ago
haha. Oh I remember the days of wearing a full winter ensemble over my halloween costume, and walking through snow to trick or treat. hahhaha...back in the day.

We have had it easy this winter, but still good to bundle up ;)
Marcus Metropolis PRO 11 years ago
I loved that halloween Blizzard of yore. Dug my mom's car out of a 10 foot snow drift and watched my friends snowboard down 14th Avenue in Duluth. Most things were closed except for 8th St. Video. Something like 34" of snow over a day and a half er something close.
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
I love snow. No, not that Snow.

Infarmah, ya so-me stummity stummity ah da playa. I lickee boom boom there.

Or whatever he said.
i saw some harveys at afton alps today.
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