Visually Painted Characters 3:57pm, 20 October 2006
cricket. cricket.
tubes. PRO 12 years ago
It is pretty slow. Must be the cold weather.
p...kin...e 12 years ago
don't worry, i'll be out this weekend takin pics...unless it rains ; )
The Curse Of Brian PRO 12 years ago
I was out taking pictures last Sunday with the nice weather, but I didn't send many of them to the group.

Pretty soon, we're going to all be hiding out inside for six months, engaging in flame wars.
dark plough [deleted] 12 years ago
i'm in wait. It's just Iowa. Damn!
sparkling judge [deleted] 12 years ago
im thinkin winters gonna be all over the place when it comes to the weather... we'll prolly have weeks where its 50 degrees and shinin out

but even if it is at the zero... no hibernation for me
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