sparkling judge [deleted] 7:27am, 9 October 2006
does anyone have a picture of the piece im talkin about?

its WAY up there, on one of the Hiawatha ave mills between Lake street and 38th. I cant remember the exact location, but its rolled, and they hit up one of them top floor 'sky way' things that connect the mill buildings.

DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
yeah that spot used to be mad hit on those mills...
ash966 PRO 12 years ago
Is this it?

tinyshoes 12 years ago
nice, ash!
sparkling judge [deleted] 12 years ago
good lookin out
F. Swift 12 years ago
nice. Is this on Hiawatha?
ash966 PRO 12 years ago
Yes, somewhere between 38th and 33rd. My boyfriend and I were walking from the 38th light rail stop to Lake St. on Hiawatha.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
hiawatha is a fucken playground...
true dat..
ASK ONE! 12 years ago
I have only seen PEDRO once before.
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