Aimes apology

DR. LIME GREEN 7:36pm, 4 October 2006
I sincerly want to apologize to the whole MPLS STREETART group for having my beef follow and trickle into your worlds....
while wanting to stand my ground and not let little kids rile me up...
it got the best of me....
for that im sorry for the drama and the efffect its had on TUBES.
this will not continue and i hope you can see where im coming from.

tubes. PRO 12 years ago
Really Aimes? You think you are the most Durrable? Who made you the most durable? I'm way more durable! I'll out-durrable you any day son!
Ha! I'm just kidding! Thanks for that, seriously.
SurlyGrrrl 12 years ago
i think the only beef we should be discussing is hoodies' obsession with chipotle!
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
i agree that man eats alot...alot of beef.
he needs "CHOPOTLE REHAB" off to center city you go........
S.E.D. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by S.E.D. (admin) 12 years ago
I hear 'Chipotle Rehab' doesn't work, plus, it too is owned by McDonald's. Supposedly all their 13 steps do is lure you back to the #1 super-size meal deal. Evil doers I say!

Step 1-
We admitted we were powerless over the burritto--that our lives had become unmanageable without Big Mac's and french fries.

...blah ditty blah blah...
smcgee PRO 12 years ago
FYI, McDonald's is in the process of divesting from Chipotle. They won't own any of it for much longer.
tubes. PRO 12 years ago
I'm a fan of Burrito Loco in Dinkytown myself. The Pork Loco with corn and seasoned sour cream is great!
Molly Katherine Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Molly Katherine (member) 12 years ago
ryan and the goodness

hoodies + chipotle....last night no less...
SurlyGrrrl 12 years ago
the only time i've been to burrito loco was after a tc group photowalk & it was all about the beer, no food.

i had chipotle for lunch on monday.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
burrito loco is for sure dope....but man look at this crazy kid go to town!!!
hes got a prob. for sure and he looks crazy for that burrito
what a he eats like 3 a day!!!
hes prob. going through the DENIAL stage...
i dont even have a problem, i can quit anytime. what!
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