F. Swift 3:08am, 30 September 2006
Gimme the scoop-I missMpls so some of ya'll ought to give me a recap as to how the night pop'd. Atmos, muddsuckr, 1st amendment show? Word, Let me know what's up!!!!

Thanks all
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
yo the "burlesque" show was mad crazy...
so many old kids..
mad mean mugs and crazy looks!
kats on heroin who used to believe in jesus...
me being mad drunk..
ummmmmm what did i miss??
oh yeah us yelling"I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT "U.C." AINT ONE...HIT ME!!!!!
by the way,,,theese kats are now stepping to us.
and its on g!!!
hit me!.........
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
didnt go to atmos. though. maybe next time.
someone clue this man in.....
1st amend and dat aimes oner show
sparkling judge [deleted] 12 years ago
atmosphere show 18+ saturday night (technically tonight). its sold out but....

ive secured tickets.
SurlyGrrrl 12 years ago
the first amendment show was amazing. i'd seen a lot of the prints at the graphic noise show at mcad in january, but a lot of new stuff, too. we didn't stay long because it was small & crowded & if i'd stayed in that i would have started screaming that i had to get out.
F. Swift 12 years ago
Thanks Surlygrrrl; I guess not too many kids got out to the shows....
sparkling judge [deleted] 12 years ago
the atmos show was ill... lots of lames surroundin me and this drunk dickhead kept steppin on my shoes, but the actual show was fuckin crazy. the live band portion of the set was rugged
The Curse Of Brian PRO 12 years ago
I still need to go through my pictures from the 29th, but I have posted some pictures from the show on the 30th here:

DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
tonight was the anti-columbus show at fine line..which i must say was a full line-up

Los nativos
I self Devine
live painting! props to my boy Bobby who had the mad-ill endigenous painting..
dope show yall!!!
sparkling judge [deleted] 12 years ago
yeah that shit was fuckin nuts... bobby killed it, and so did the other quiet cat who painted later

everyone was mad ill
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
the other kat was Chris Allen...INKPROOF.
were going to do a collab show with him soon....
Bobby is mad mad ill and the nicest kat ever.....
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