big eye

futuristic seashore [deleted] 7:11pm, 6 August 2006
did anyone get a pic of the giant eye mural on around 42nd and hiawatha before it was painted over? i wish i had! it was on one of the industrial bldgs.
tubes. PRO 12 years ago
Saw it but didn't manage to grab a picture. Oh well.
tinyshoes 12 years ago
if we're talking eyes like these:

I guess we're talkin' Solo's eyework....and I too have a question then:

Was it Tupac's eye the featured eye on HWY 55/Ft. Snelling piece? (I never saw that one, but a friend of mine is curious 'coz her husband says for sure it was a Tupac eye....and is this the same 55 eye that you're talkin' about sir fanceepants?)

(btw who is this?)

much <3 for Mr. Solo
Ebenezer B. Kong 12 years ago
it was billy joel
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