_golden_apple 8:56pm, 18 June 2006
hello people.

I want to make shirts.

Anyone want to have a screen printing party?

We can do it at my house, there's a shit ton of room.

contact me if interested.

_golden_apple Posted 12 years ago. Edited by _golden_apple (member) 12 years ago
shameless plug for myself...I just graduated from Ai with an associates degree in graphic design. So if ANYONE needs a designer please let me know.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
when for the party of t-shirt making?
i want to t shirt make!
_golden_apple 12 years ago
well what works for ya'll? my weekdays are pretty free.

What supplies do we need?
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
we can get t-shirts at michaels two for five bucks and supplies there, plus the last shirts i did we got lazer iron on and just scanned our art on to them, they look real good and last but ya have to be good to them during the drying process.
did you mean you have a screenprint kit? another method we've learned is buying cheap shirts ( rock tees ) and using acrylic ( in my case one shot ) and painting on them.
oh theres so many ways....let me know what yall had in mind!
would be fun...
_golden_apple 12 years ago
Ryan(hoodies) and I have acrylic paint. thanks to art school....So that would be cool. I could probably buy some screenprint ink and a rubber brayer too. I was thinking of using shirts i don't wear anymore. I could also go thrifting and look for some.
email me.
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