red ants shows

DR. LIME GREEN 3:39pm, 12 June 2006
RED ANTS- is a hip-hop crew from toronto. back to back shows featuring a first time ever!, RIOT crew art display and live painting!
Riot crew( graff.) since 1996 has been a staple of MPLS life. for the first time ever RUKUS,BLAST,KILZ,BISE,MISSION,LOKUST and others will bring themselves from off the street to show off their skillz for the masses! do not miss!
live hip-hop,food, art, and another show at the dinkytowner on sat.
first show is this friday at 2815 east lake street. 8pm
be there fools!

BLONK 12 years ago
food eh???, live hip hop??, art?, hmmmm. thats sounds like a great idea!
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
ohhhhhh hell yes!
BLONK 12 years ago
maybe i can pick up some tips on my painting there? i just started the other day. actually during MOSIAC art thingy was my first time fondling the aerasol canisters. i found i have a natural nack for it but of course need some general advice. i will be posting some pics soon. of the couple things i have done. well time to go make some stickers.
DR. LIME GREEN Posted 12 years ago. Edited by DR. LIME GREEN (member) 12 years ago
would be a great place to go if you are new to the paint game, all of RIOT crew are dope. plus the live hip-hop is always a great backdrop to get ya painting!
be there sucka's
i just want to say that its refreshing how nice you guys are, and how you are quick to be kind to new comers. thanks for the encouragement.
BLONK 12 years ago
i so biffed a tag last night i need to go over it tonight with a sticker. i got spooked and rushed it so i will hit it up with a quick sticker. and i progressed on my tag so thats also good. i think twenty seven was out last night also, i saw a new one this morning that wasnt there when i was out.
nice. your stuff is progressing a lot, i dig it.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
yeah 27 used to kick it with SHYE he is a fucken train fanatic!
lives by the trains and dies by the train...hope not die though!
it's cool to see him tagging, i'd like to see some new stuff from him not the same old' ya know? thanks for the compliment ryan ( i mean hoodie ) cool to see everyone progressing! if any of you want to go out we will be at the dinky-towner rooting on my friend luke d.j. some dope ass regae and dancehall....always a good time and lots of ganja smoke, wordddddd!
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
and we have alot of plaques to put up, we did some stencil's on boards and have a little wheat paste!
times a wastin, time to drink!
word, while i dont drink or smoke, im boring i know haha, im all about getting stuff up, i like install stuff a lot, and hope to have stuff to place up soon.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
tonight bitches!!!
BLONK 12 years ago
aimes bring some stickers to trade i made a new character called "toast". i made ten to trade. what time are you going to be there tonight>??? i suppose you dont even know what i look like but i am the one who rolled you a cig at the fallout. ill recognize you.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
im leaving soon, will do to the sticker trade, with shye too
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
good to see ya there blonk, hope you enjoi the slaps!
your buddy left to go back to toronto?
p.s. I found a dope place for us to paint. get at me....
BLONK 12 years ago
yeah twelvefingers is gone. i thinki am going to buy paint tommorrow.
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