Visually Painted Characters 7:53am, 9 June 2006
some friends and i got a very last minute show together which opens tomorrow. i think most of it should be cool, but with finals and work and everything i havent had a whole lot of time to go towards working on it, but i think it should be pretty ok, its rather street art oriented and benefits a homeless outreach i work with. its starts at 6 and prob goes to like 11 i think. live music, art blah blah blah i havent slept much this week.

2609 stevens ave s. mpls mn. just across from mcad.

if you come, say hi, itd be cool to meet some of you and what not.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
I'll prob. come with Shye and another crew member.
see ya there.
p.s. check out our fab. mural for LOS AMIGOS mercado
on 27th and blaisdale its huge....
MCI crew mural
awesome, i hope the show doesnt suck, i hate last minute stuff, but regardless it should be cool.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
any show is good for promotion bro. but I do know how it is to be rushed into one, and being exhausted. SHYE and I put up like 10 new instalments last night, around e.hennipin and 2nd....was a late night!
awesome dude, i will have to check that out. what sorts of installs are they?
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
all boards, and stencils on metal things we found.
see ya tonight.....
who else is in the show?
any other street artists?
tubes. PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 12 years ago
I'll have to drive by there. Did you hit that spot where my big robot was? What time do you guys usually go out?
there are 2 shows going on, one is a skateboard art show, and then a stretet art show, all 4 of us are stretet artists. i will be the dude with the brown beard, if you dont see me i will be around just ask for blauer.
tubes. PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 12 years ago
I'll try to check it out. I'm feeling a little under the weather but I'd love to see the deck art. I'll be the obnoxious fat guy with the glasses, the Rhode Island accent and the talking dog. Oh wait, that's not me.
haha peter griffin. yeah i feel like hell, ive been working on opening the new apple store in ridgedale and preparing for finals week and trying to put time into this, and we were trying to have our mini ramp open for this too but i think that wont be which sucks, but yeah. i hear ya on not feeling great.
tubes. PRO 12 years ago
Cool. When does apple open there?
So are you doing this at a house or is it in a mcad building? What should I look for if I come by?
thanks so much you guys for coming out, i had a good time conversing with all yall.
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
sorry we had to leave so soon! we had to babysit......makes for a fun friday night!
hope you liked the slaps...we'll hook up again soon.
p.s. who does the pilgrim? and oh yeah., your stickers were drawn on the non-sticky side....oooops!
hahaha, i do that sometimes, i made a super awesome one and then i realized that. my buddy jeremy does the pilgrims, yeah im down for getting some colab going or whatever, i want to learn all i can.
tubes. PRO 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite Ryan. It was fun to come out and check the place out!
hey thanks for coming, its cool to meet down to earth people who are interested in similar things.
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