tubes. PRO 2:40pm, 18 May 2006
Hey Minnesota flickr Folks,

If you are looking for something to do Friday night (or any time this weekend for that matter), Art-A-Whirl is happening Friday through Sunday. My studio is in the Northrup King Building off of Central and I'll be showing with 150+ other artists in that location.

Stop in Friday night, introduce yourselves (if we have not met) and have a beer on me. We can all whine about flickr Gamma! Also, if you want to buy anything, it's 25% off for you guys - just say you're from flickr.

You're probably saying to yourselves: "This is probably just another one of those big art crawls where you walk around and look at people's art, right"?

Well, um, yeah, that's exactly what it is. If you like that sort of thing you are in luck. If not, well, not so much. How is that for a sales pitch?

Hope to see you there. Info and directions below.


P.S. I have buttons. Shiny new buttons. Shiny new buttons with cameras and robots on them. Mmmmmmm. Ok, I'm done.
the queen of subtle PRO 12 years ago
i will be there saturday! before the pillowfighting begins!
ninjagrl 12 years ago
shiny stuff...??? maaaan... wish i could get up there.......
dammit, why did i miss this!
DR. LIME GREEN 12 years ago
was a blast to meet sean!!
hes ill!
and a very good host, thanks for letting SHYE and I set up our art, we had a very nice rewarding dinner at Sawadte. It was oh so good!!!
sawadte is amazingly delicious.
tubes. PRO 12 years ago
No problem man!
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