daruma* PRO 11:30am, 4 April 2009
It is so good organising the Ministract Exhibitions - it gives me a great opportunity to get closer to photographers I really admire and the latest exhibition is no exception to that all. I watched Mark and Shari's work from a distance for ages before building up the courage to comment and now here I am introducing their exhibition at Ministract! Lucky me - and lucky you because you are in a for a great time.

I am not going to say much about it at all because it speaks for itself far more eloquently than I could ever do. But I would however like to thank them both for doing us th ehonour of creating this for us. Thanks both - I (we!) are very, very grateful.
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
this exhibition presents some new work by floebee
and mark valentine exploring concepts of identity
and the blurring of boundaries, and includes some
reflection on their own process of creation
and on the themes of the group, especially
the relationship between their work, and
the concept of the minimal and the abstract.

we would like to thank daruma* and ministract for
this opportunity.
daruma* PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by daruma* (admin) 9 years ago
are you the blur

traces of left behind

do i know the boundary


ghosts in passing

who defines my identity

a head for figures

do my choices define

make like james dean

and what of you

between the traces of you and me

surrounded in loneliness

which choices distinguish

between now and yesteryear

what if the minimal

the dance of commerce

blurring boundaries

the minimum to distinguish


bone chilling sadness

many is one again

wish you were here

time for a break again


my choices distinguish

searching look

dreams of the marooned (6:40)

in a current of circumstances

dreams of the marooned (5:45)


dreams of the marooned (6:30)

floebee 9 years ago
tom, thank you sooooo much for the opportunity to exhib here, ministract is a wild group full of wonderful artists and fabulous work, its truly a delight to be a part of that! hope you enjoy the exhibition :o)
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
yes, indeed, it's really great to have the chance to present these pieces
here, to this unique group with its array of artists and work. i find here, over and over, both artists and works that are inspiring and with which i have all kinds of affinity. it's especially delightful to present this work here, and i too hope you enjoy the exhibition.
sunshadows PRO 9 years ago
This is the best group on Flickr!
To be able to have great shows like this one!
Congratulations floebee and mark valentine!
cactusdalsace 9 years ago
Very interesting exibition !
I'd like to see it on walls :-)
Aster-oid PRO 9 years ago
One great body of work - or, rather two bodies of work, I guess - presented in a grand manner, a manner that actually takes the poetry that good blurry photography is to even higher levels!

Congrats to both!
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
Guys - I promised you kaiseki as a thank you and so here it is - even though I'm currently enjoying (enduring?) a rubber chicken sandwich at a motorway service station...

Thanks again for all the hard work and creativity that's gone into your great exhibition!

mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
could i have a little soy sauce and wasabi?
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
How's this?

chief sugar [deleted] 9 years ago
thats funny - i always thought watching your pictures was similar to eating the food from a really good chef - you mingle the flavours exquisitely
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
And a bit of the best beer too...

Now I must get back to driving so please save your next orders for later!! :))
losy PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by losy (member) 9 years ago
Floebee and Mark.... you are definitely suffering from the same illness as Tom is...!! Since months I try to send him to the optometrist.... but he keeps telling me, that it is me... who needs to go there...?? Seeing your wonderful expo....- actually I can see only half of it ..- the rest is blurred...I am convinced... that we all need an optometrist.... Do you know of a good one in my area??

but lets celebrate with this... Prost!

Belvedere.... many meanings... is it..
Ekler 9 years ago
thank you for sharing this work - with the text it brings a very powerful message!
floebee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floebee (member) 9 years ago
toot!! toot!! ..

now just look at that lovely glob of wasabi .. you are indeed the scrummiest host tom, and a mouth watering kaiseki taboot!!!

mmm mmmm mmmm

losy, i think we are all lost causes, maybe we should just embrace our imperfect vision and enjoy these blurry worlds :o)

sunshadows~posting only ~, thanks so much, it is truly a faboo group, and i'm delighted to be exhibiting here too!!

cactusdeaudouce, ha ha, me too, we are working on that :o) .. thanx!

Aster-oid, wow, thank you so much, it was a lot of fun creating this and yes, thats exactly what was in mind -creating a visual poetry - so thrilled that you experience that here!

nom nom nom ... oh sorry about that rubber chicken tom, and the way the liquids are flowing, looks like we're going to be sozzled by the time you arrive!!!

Ekler, faboo, you may need glasses to enjoy our special 'blurrivision' and the hidden messages within those words, lol!
tapatim PRO 9 years ago
*´¨ )
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•> *clapclap*

*´¨ )
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•> taptap ... tapa:))
lia___ 9 years ago
what about the boundary between my&myself?
lia___ 9 years ago
htakat 9 years ago
fantastic !!!bravo
What flow (floebee) and heart (mark valentine) you both possess in synchronicity!!!!! Well done! The words are so powerful, moving, philosophical and inspiring! Congrats on your exhibit!
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
sunshadows: thanks a lot! glad you like the show!

cactusdeaudouce: as floebee said, so would we!!!

Aster-oid: that's quite an elegant and poetic way to
put it, too! i'm delighted you find the poetic language
a fetching complement!

tom: you've got to get a different diet! ha ha!
and, that dollup of wasabi in soy looks perfect - you
seem to have pictures on file for just the perfect occasion -
ha ha! super!

JoCasson: fantastic - somehow it seems food and
art go together quite well! glad you like the concoctions
of the visual chefs!

daruma: now your talking! no sapporo while driving!!!!

losy: i hate to say it, but we might even have played a
role in him contracting that illness - i do know a really
good optometrist in your area, but you should be ready
for a surprise - he's blind! and quite a good photographer!
the celebration liquid looks great! high time (no pun!) Prost!

Ekler: that's delightful to hear - i'm happy you like the
message as amplified by the text

floebee: ha ha! nah! take that rubber chicken away from
him before he does harm to himself, and grab losy's glasses!

tape! Danke Danke Danke! tap tap!!!!!

lia ro21: yes, that's a good question - i think we can't discover
that one by ourself! btw thank you very kindly

htakat: super! i'm delighted you think so, thanks a million!

kozology: just troping on those screen names, huh! sauveamente!
thanks a ton - i'm really pleased you think the words impart something
worthwhile to the experience! that was the hope!
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
I have now arrived and so I can have a drink. So what better than a little bit of sake? There's 72 litres in the barrel and then a selection of cups for you to use.


floebee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floebee (member) 9 years ago
jo, tapa, hkat, lia and Kozology, thank you all for your lovely wishes, wise words and very hard questions :oP

put these on and all will be revealed!!

blurivision glasses

yippeee tom, i'll take a low tide in the yummy orange sunset vessel - 72 litres? hmmm, maybe a second barrel just in case?
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
Phworr. You sexy beasts!! Hahahaha. Hold on! I thought we were here for a cultural experience - seems like all we're doing is boozing and eating.

Yes!! :-))
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
I needn't have searched Google for sake cup shots - I forgot that I've got my own... Duh!! Here are my two favourite sake cups, reserved for special occasions.

My first macro shot!
rita vita finzi 9 years ago
... I'm just come back home, and I'm so happy to see what for a fantastic exihibit is going on!
this is just to congratulate with floebee and Mark Valentine: I love and admire your work!, and this show seems to be really awesome .. so, I'll come back to watch it and to comment it more properly ..
thank you very much for being here!
w.eras PRO 9 years ago
Great exhibition!
Sir Cam @camdiary PRO 9 years ago
just so special! congrats, floebee and mark:-)
Leenda K PRO 9 years ago
Floebee and Mark...I have watched this collaboration develop and flow. Like two voices you sing with great strength, skill and the occasional (deliberate) discord which keeps it all interesting. I love to listen to your songs....

This is an incredible show. Thank you for creating it.
tanakawho PRO 9 years ago
Marvelous exhibit! I know focus isn't everything & really admire the feat you two has achieved.
joseanprado 9 years ago
Shari, Mark... I have no words. Deeply shocked. Pure emotion. Thank you very much.

Vin on the move Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Vin on the move (member) 9 years ago
Captivating: a poetic flow of words and images!
A great new look to the world around (inside?) us.
Light Shape Color Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Light Shape Color (member) 9 years ago
Engaging and moving! I would love more than anything to attend an in person lecture with the two of you to hear more about how you work together (I imagine images and word flying through cyberspace at break neck speeds, trying but failing to keep up with your collective inspirations). However it is you work together, it's clear it works and we all benefit. Thanks for putting together this collection -- yet another take on the floebee (shari) / mark valentine experience.
sunny-drunk PRO 9 years ago
Christ I've just written a manuscript and lost the damn thing!!!!!!
Anyway sorry I'm late..............I had no idea you were showing.

Love your joint venture................I have to admit this concept is new to me.
I have thoroughly enjoyed your show, beautifully presented with images of the highest quality complimented by prose that draws you through a journey of self examination.
The "flow" of the piece gently guides the viewer, creating an air of anticipation after every image in an attempt to define the "Self"
Congrats on your expo........ avoid those "camera shakes" try drinking a couple of bottles of Red Wine for breakfast.......that should settle you down by lunchtime..........
floebee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floebee (member) 9 years ago
rita, lovely to see you here, thank you so much for checking it out :o)

w.eras, thank you, i'm delighted that you think so, that makes all the hard work thoroughly worth it!!

Sir Cam, wow, that is such a compliment, thank you for the visit and the comment.

Leenda K, i'm so surprised that you have been watching the collaboration develop, wow! i have admired your abstract works for so long too, funny how having the exhibition has made us all more aware of each other, i really like that!!! btw, mark is a way better singer than me, although i'm good on the spoons :o) congrats on your contrasted gallery show - now thats a show worth checking out!! thanks for the constant inspiration!

tanakawho, what? you mean these images are not in focus??? damn!!! lol, thanx!

josean, thank you my friend, it wouldnt be the same without you here, especially seeing as you are bringing the champagne :o)

Vin60, "captivating" is a superb comment, i'm thrilled that you find our work that way, and that it stimulates some looking anew, thats more than the desired outcome, thank you!

sue sue sue .. you have been with us along much of the journey, so it truly is wonderful to see you here, thank you so much for your kind words - your imagined vision of our working practice is pretty much spot on .. ha ha ha!! i'm flattered that you would 'more than anything' like to attend an in person lecture about our working together, we have talked about that very subject many times! thank you again for your lovely words and visit here, it means a lot!

sunny-drunk, super!! delighted you find the journey of self examination an enjoyable one, and yes, i like your 'solution' for the shakes, i'm sure we could introduce a couple of bottles of cabernet sauvignon into our morning ritual :oP thanks for the kind words, lovely to read you and to get to know you here in ministract a little more.
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
A couple of bottles of cabernet sauvignon? Consider it done!

floebee 9 years ago
wowsers!! what a host, can i come back again :o)
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
ehm, i don't think i'll wait until morning - how about now?
daruma* PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by daruma* (admin) 9 years ago
Lordy be. You two consume more than the rest of the group combined!!

Forget the kaiseki - I think you need one of these to absorb the alcohol...

Reflectory (Chris Brown) Away PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Reflectory (Chris Brown) Away (member) 9 years ago
The text and images "flow" together to go far beyond any idea that a single image could create. Wonderful exploration. Much appreciated. Seems your commentators have figured out how to get wine to flow through pictures too!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
mmmm! could i have eggs blackstone tomorrow morning,
this was excellent!
ezook PRO 9 years ago
Great new exhibit, very thought provoking and poetic images! What a great group to host such events.
augusto rosa PRO 9 years ago
Uff...I had such a good time looking at your exhibition! I love how there
is no boundaries in you collective creativity, you are "uno" here... we want more!!
Gabrielle Z Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Gabrielle Z (member) 9 years ago
Congratulations to both!

If you need...
I've some botles of great wine too...

Message in a bottle
.. maryLou .. PRO 9 years ago
I love the exhibition!!! with the texts! absolutely like a real gallery!

And the food! that is so funny!
rita vita finzi 9 years ago
I don't know so well phoebe and mark's work, but the first thing I thought looking at this more than excellent exihibit is that here, in this delightfull "showroom", people - better say "artists" - are inspired to show their best, not only as "quality" of works, but - more - as "mindstream" (that's a word I suspect doesn't exist!, just invented for the circumstance ;-D).
and here the mindstream[s] is fascinating, because it brings us directly to think about boundaries, and self definition, identities, and different "weights" of different "things" that in our life go together in the building of our personality, boundaries beetween us and others ... I've found here all this, and - ok, more! a kind of music, poetry, and and and ... !
Thank you both very much - on behalf of my eyes, my mind and my heart :-))))
rita vita finzi 9 years ago
... food, drinks, and .. no flowers for the lady! ;-))))

Leonie Polah PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Leonie Polah (member) 9 years ago
Excellent collection of blur. My compliments!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
rita: thanks, come back whenever, you're always welcome,
and thanks for the look!

w.eras: thank you very much - delighted you think so!

Sir Cam: that's great to hear, thank you very much

LeendaK: it's great to know you have been watching things
develop - the image of the voices is beautiful and quite apt -
and it's great that you love to listen to the songs! blows my
doors off! thank you!

tanakawho: thanks - it's true focus isn't everything - delighted
you admire the feat! super!

Josean Prado: wow! that's awesome and moving. thank you
very very much! :o)
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
Vin60: that's a beautiful response - it's fantastic that it provides
a new look at the world around and inside us - couldn't hope
for a more gratifying response! thank you enormously!

Sue(Light~Shape~Color) - like floebee said, it's great that you imagine
that - it would actually be a gas to do - and it would be even more fun
if you were there - yeah, cyberspace sometimes gets behind, although
it might be good it slows us down - we have a frightening ability to think
up projects - ha ha! it's delightful you enjoy the fruits of the collaboration
- just what gives us heart to keep doing it!
thank you a million times over!

sunny-drunk: sorry to hear about that manuscript - delighted that
you enjoyed the show and the journey through the examination of
the I - i'll see if i can work on those shakes - what about after lunch?

floebee: ha ha! yeah, i'm late!

daruma: i think i made myself clear - it's a long wait till breakfast!
well, that's more like it - a little food! ha ha!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
Reflectory: that's the perfect expression of what was hoped with the
collection! it's delightful to read and wonderful you got that! thank you
so much!

elisa.z: super, it's delightful you find it thought provoking and poetic! that's perfect - thank you

augusto: oh, superb! there's boundaries, but it's nice of you to say that -
i hope we can deliver a lot more - stay tuned, and thanks a million, as

Gabrielle Z: thank you so much - that's a great gift to come bearing,
especially since you don't require we wait till breakfast! thanks so much!

emeL: that's wonderful - glad you love it - the food is really funny isn't it! thank you so much!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
rita vita finzi: mindstream is beautiful phrase, and the perfect complement to much of the thought - the whole notion of a
stream of images and laguage was very much on our minds,
and was central to what we wanted to project - that it comes
through as you so beautifully put it is even so much the better,
and that you enjoy it with your eyes, mind, and heart is as good
as it gets! thanks you so very very much!

rita: thanks for the flowers for the lady! eh, what about the guy?
ha ha!
fake_plastic_earth 9 years ago
Congratulations on Exhibition both of you!
Great work even though I had to admire looking great "kaiseki" full course meal... hehe
rita vita finzi 9 years ago
ok, mark, I thought you've had enough!, but you are right: I didn't think about you, and this is absolutely not kinf of me!, so, since I'm not sure what do you prefer, take them both, and .. enjoy! ;-DDDD


Cigars and Drinks
lorpailleur_62 9 years ago
The photos are delicious enough - and then, all these pictures of food and wine - I'm off to the cellar !
I am certainly late for the rest of the party and I didn't even get a schnitzel! Someone pass the cristal!
floebee 9 years ago
daruma*, ha ha .. we do seem to be over occupied with the alcohol content .. yikes!! thanks for the offer of a fry up though, no meat for me, must mean mark gets a double helping of sausage and bacon this morning!

Reflectory, thank you kindly sir, i'm delighted that the 'flow' works, more than i could have hoped, glad that you appreciate that notion! lovely to see you here, now pull up a chair, the hosts will be right across any moment now!

elisa.z, thought provoking and poetic, what more could we hope for .. thank you so much, it is indeed a fabulous group for an exhibition!!

augusto, it is a huge pleasure to see you here my friend, thank you for your kind words and your continued contribution to and acknowledgment of our collaborative works. knowing that you find this piece boundary-less is delightful, that is just what we were hoping to create - a tapestry of thoughts! thank you :o)

Gabrielle Z, ha ha ha with or without wine, you are always most welcome, i really enjoy hearing what you have to say - but the fact you brought wine today makes your visit a little more yummy than normal!!! :oD

...emeL..., fabulous, i'm so pleased that the text works so well for you, we wanted to integrate it into the main piece, rather than have the text and image be separate, so i'm delighted that you think it works .. as for the 'real' gallery .. the space feels pretty real - art, good conversation, critique, food, wine and banter - i'll enjoy it this way, and imagine i am standing in a room with you all :o) thank you for the visit!

rita, firstly, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers - what a gorgeous mix of iris and tulips - mark keeps telling me he'll buy me flowers one day, but .. hmmmm .. its not happened yet :oP ha ha ha .. your description - a mindstream - is such a poetic and beautiful way to put it and i'm delighted that our work has stimulated some thought on "boundaries" and "self definition" and "identities" these are all areas that we were exploring in the work would. And for it to touch your mind, heart and eyes is just perfect. thank you!

polah2006, what a fantastic accolade - "an excellent collection of blur"!!! if we ever publish this i would love to use that in the book! thank you for your compliments and your visit, as you know i admire both you and your work greatly, so having you here and commenting on the work, is just wonderful!

fake_plastic_earth, ha ha fabulous, glad you liked the work - i know it is difficult to concentrate on it with such a wonderful kaiseki in peripheral vision .. maybe we should all just sit down to eat first and view later :o) always lovely to see you here, thank you so much for the kind words too!

rita, ahhh .. now mark is happy too!

lorpailleur_62, haha, lovely to see you here, thanks for the visit!! shall we expect you back with goodies from your cellar, or are just fashionably passing through and heading off into the night like a true arts fashionista!!! :oDD

Kozology, fashionably late! i think josean may need to re-order, we seem to have worked our way through the cristal - oops! thanks for the visit, always a pleasure to read you :o)
giovdim 9 years ago
Floebee and Mark, i love your poetry in words and images.
rusted_flower 9 years ago
oh identity.......................................
it brings only questions and more questions
a touching series and collaboration
brave kittens [deleted] 9 years ago
nice poetry in motion, and very difficult to describe....
losy PRO 9 years ago
Mr Valentine.... Daruma does not like the Valentine fish... his groups stinks now... I will send him some chocolate.... Swiss chocolate this is!!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
he likes swiss chocolate with fish?
maybe nougat would be better!
daruma* PRO 9 years ago
Sorry Mark - but nougat sticks to my false teeth something wicked.... :)
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
ah! can't you gum it?
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