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  • STICKY  Rules!

    When you join this group now you are asked to review the rules of the group, the...

    nextography4 weeks ago37 replies

  • New Flickr

    How are members finding the New Flickr Interface? I finding hard to adjust too ...

    Duncan Lawler9 days ago5 replies

  • Watermarks & Logos

    I'm seeing tons of fantastic submissions, but many are ruined by huge logos and ...

    Darren LoPrinzi2 weeks ago5 replies

  • Test


    chieu.uyen3 weeks ago3 replies

  • Moderators Starting New

    I've cleaned up everything, including moderators ... please send new requests to...

    mscaprikell3 weeks ago2 replies

  • Examples: not fitting

    Hi everybody! Since we've started with the cleaning of the "less is more" po...

    Artep ^_^6 weeks ago23 replies

  • [edited] This Group Pool is Now Open

    The moderators appear to have abandoned this site

    Peter Bennett20102 months ago13 replies

  • Posts

    Hi I am new in this group and I posted a pic. recently. How long it takes to...

    Pedro17422 months ago2 replies

  • the Creator is moderating again

    I am taking a closer look at the group and paying closer attention to what I had...

    mscaprikell2 months ago1 replies

  • Impossible to upload pictures...

    Got an issue while trying to upload some new pics today... Seems I cannot anymor...

    Olivierfa2 months ago9 replies

  • Uploads disabled

    I just joined this group as I have photos that fit this group perfectly, however...

    visualawareness2 months ago1 replies

  • fist

    macro shoot

    gatomotero2 months ago1 replies

  • Is this site still active?

    When I check for this group's new photos, they are always the same old photos. ...

    Dean Hochman2 months ago12 replies

  • Rules?

    Has anyone read them? Maybe it is time to rethink. Today there are 29,957 3...

    Whatknot2 months ago21 replies

  • Want to be Interviewed?

    Hi there, I'm in the process of setting up a website which showcases photograph...

    daneverest3 months ago1 replies

  • Exacting Rules!

    Having a go. Not sure if I've got it with my row of organ pipes... not sure if m...

    chrisotruro6 months ago0 replies

  • How do we know...?

    Hi! Just joined the group and have submitted a couple of shots. It seems that t...

    Light Collector6 months ago0 replies

  • Official New Member thread!

    I have just posted one photo and became member of this group, I love minimal art...

    3rik@6 months ago298 replies

  • Less is More again!

    It appears that this group has been abandonned by it's mod's and admins. The...

    Adrie_v8 months ago11 replies

  • What is the rule of "Less is more"

    I'm just new to this group, but find the pictures here are nice. So I'm here. C...

    jotrong10 months ago5 replies

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