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Only pure Black and White-photos. Keep it MINIMAL. LESS IS MORE!

Please... NO TEXT on photos except if the text is actually on the subject of the shot

NO---> PORTRAITS, selfies, no BIG BUILDINGS, no BIG FRAMES, no colours, no NAKED people, double/triple etc. photos, sepia, busy cityscapes with thousands buildings & people, busy landscapes with thousands trees e.t.c., REPEATING PATTERNS <---NO

NO means NO.
Thank you!


  • thanks!

    thank you very much from "silence"

    nograz3 months ago2 replies

  • thank you

    thank you very much for your invites! Great group. I am happy to join. Merry Chr...

    s.j.greiner17 months ago5 replies

  • Great group!

    Really love the presentation of the black and white photos !

    Observer F22 months ago0 replies

  • Thanks

    Thanks for inviting my photos in this group

    ALP.35023 months ago0 replies

  • thanks

    Thank you Bluesrose for inviting to join one of my photos to this group. As ...

    j javier garcía25 months ago0 replies

  • Repetition

    Only pure Black and White-photos. Keep it MINIMAL. Less is more! Please... ...

    Bluesrose41 months ago0 replies

  • Thanks

    Thank you for faving my photo an request to add it to this group. I'll keep tra...

    Richard Gouw41 months ago1 replies

  • I, too, thank you for your invitation

    And thank you for the introduction to your group!

    “In Memoriam:” Pik Pix49 months ago2 replies

  • MINIMÁLIS fekete-fehér / új témát

    Köszönöm szépen a fotó meghívást. Üdv: Van'elise

    Van'elise50 months ago0 replies

  • :)

    LESS is MORE.

    Bluesrose53 months ago0 replies

  • Bluesrose

    Thank you Bluesrose for all your invites! It means alot coming from an artist su...

    K.Chris ~AlwaYs LeaRning~54 months ago1 replies

  • Thank you for your invitation

    Thank you for your invitation to join your group, I am honored to be here.

    encouraging dime56 months ago1 replies

  • Please...

    NO TEXT on photos except if the text is actually on the subject of the shot N...

    Bluesrose57 months ago0 replies

  • Thank you for your invition

    Such an interesting, beautiful gallery!

    Κατερίνα [...3.7 light minutes away]61 months ago1 replies

  • Thank you for the invitation!

    I appreciate being invited to this lovely group, and look forward to taking part...

    mundane design62 months ago1 replies

  • Apology

    I have submitted a black and white photo with a yellow flower in it ! please ign...

    Julie Rutherford*63 months ago0 replies


    Köszönöm szépen a fotó meghívást! Üdv: Van'elise

    Van'elise70 months ago0 replies

  • Minimal Thanks/ Big pleasure

    Hello, I just Want say thanks for the add to the pool.... Great pics here !...

    Gil Barez71 months ago2 replies

  • What's wrong?

    Hi, I tried to add a picture to the group but I can not , what is wrong ? Is the...

    cosciavecchia75 months ago3 replies

  • Hello MINIMAL...

    Thanks a lot for your invitation and comment on photos :-))

    michelle@c81 months ago0 replies

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