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  • Repairs!!!

    Does anyone know any info on how to repair or where to get the minilux repaired?...

    Jj Parr7 months ago2 replies

  • Apart from the e02 threat, are you guys happy with the camera? I am thinking...

    Apart from the e02 threat, are you guys happy with the camera? I am thinking to ...

    Nehcnaydna9 months ago0 replies

  • Minilux snakeskin

    Does anyone have the Minilux 40mm f2.4 snakeskin DB version.

    tranductrung11 months ago0 replies

  • Minilux zoom with light leaks

    I have a minilux zoom and I sometimes get horrid leaks around the sides of the f...

    el groucho31 months ago1 replies

  • Leica Minilux Facebook Group

    I'm looking for people who are interested in joining a fb group. That way it's e...

    thanhxthu39 months ago0 replies

  • WTB - broken leica minilux with clean lens (summarit 40 f2.4)

    Want to buy a broken leica minilux (such as e02 error) with clean lens (summarit...

    ill-fated year40 months ago1 replies

  • looking for leica minilux with 40 lens for parts

    i am looking for a minilux with 40mm lens. i will use it for parts, so if the gl...

    jiang.yahao41 months ago0 replies

  • Wtb minilux

    I am looking for a Minilux, preferably in black. Thank you

    pharoldos50 months ago3 replies

  • er02

    im considering getting a leica minilux. does the ER02 occur on certain batches o...

    Simon_Bates54 months ago15 replies

  • Minlux flash not firing

    Hi All, Recently I go my hand on nice Minilux (no shutter error so far). My ...

    carbonbased164 months ago0 replies

  • Given up on my Minilux... boo hoo...

    Has anyone else (sadly) given up using their Minilux - mainly due to repeated E0...

    David Axelbank68 months ago19 replies

  • WTS Leica Minilux

    i want to sell my minilux for $280. PM for detalis.

    bard9173 months ago0 replies

  • Looking for an Ever Ready Case

    Hello, I'm looking for Leica Ever Ready case for minilux (ref:18506), does an...

    monsieurgaudy82 months ago6 replies

  • Non minilux images in group pool

    Leica X1 is not a minilux. Perhaps the member thought minilux means small luxur...

    A Jacona88 months ago1 replies

  • rewind confusion

    I just went to rewind a roll in my minilux after getting to zero, i opened it to...

    kevin_scutchfield88 months ago0 replies

  • Minilux or GR1?

    Hi guys, Xmas is coming soon and I wanted to buy myself a new camera. I have a ...

    endurable wave88 months ago2 replies

  • White Vignetting

    Has anyone encountered this with their Minilux? I'm guessing it's happening whe...

    adelazzer92 months ago0 replies

  • Why should I buy a Minilux Zoom?

    Shouldn't I get another high end camera instead?

    fire_one94 months ago0 replies

  • Leica Minilux for sale

    Selling two cameras. A Leica Minilux which took most of these photos: fotorich.f...

    fotorich.com94 months ago2 replies

  • An exchange?

    Hi there, I have a Nikon 35ti in excellent condition. It has the easy-to-use ...

    RoRoMackers95 months ago1 replies

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