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People think of Miksang as either two things:
1. A general term meaning contemplative photography, encompassing anything that feels contemplative.
2. A specific set of rules: no black and white, no (over)-processed images, etc
It is neither.
If you google Miksang, there's a lot about what Miksang is. But look on either of the two official websites: and, for what exactly Miksang is. Guidelines establish a container for our practice.

See more in group description.


  • Is this an active group or not?

    It seems like it's dead and gone, but can anyone responsible please confirm?

    Shutter-Stone11 months ago2 replies

  • Book number 3?

    Hey everyone, I don't post photos on Flickr anymore but I found this group an...

    Janine4d13 months ago1 replies

  • Self conscious?

    Dear friends Do you get self conscious when you are shooting in a place where a...

    georgeaskounis17 months ago3 replies

  • photos approved?

    have put some photos up for approval but do not see them or any other action on ...

    seichberg18 months ago16 replies

  • Colour assignment

    Dear admins Here are some of my photos taken for the colour assignment as seen ...

    georgeaskounis18 months ago0 replies

  • Introduce yourself/questions

    Hello there, As I am re-starting/re-sparking this group after some neglect - ...

    herspiral18 months ago2 replies

  • Which camera?

    For some months I have been using my iPhone to take photos as a way of meditatin...

    georgeaskounis18 months ago2 replies

  • limit?

    Hello Miriam, why can I not upload more photos? I thought we could upload one a...

    jutta brueck44 months ago9 replies

  • Need opinion on Space. Can you help?

    Greetings. I'm working through Mcquade and Hall's "Looking and Seeing" and some...

    Dubai Jeffrey48 months ago10 replies

  • Teacher - Workshoip

    Hi - I would be interested in private 'lesson's with a Miksang photographer in T...

    Heather Hess | Photographer | Writer50 months ago1 replies

  • Why are the photos I added in thas last days to this group not approved?

    Hi There, Just came accross the Miksang way of photographing a few weeks ago....

    bernhard.friess50 months ago1 replies

  • Group functioning ?

    is this group still functioning ? Thanks, Julie

    Julie Rutherford1 ( off/on )55 months ago4 replies

  • Nalanda Miksang "Through the Looking Glass" calendar 2015

    Click on the link below to see this amazing selection of teacher photos in a new...

    jmeinstein55 months ago3 replies

  • Miksang/Way Of Nature Class in Wisconsin (Sept 11-13)

    Miriam Hall is teaching a Miksang/Nature & Haiku program at the Windhorse Retrea...

    jmeinstein55 months ago1 replies

  • Our Miksang Book is finally for sale!

    Create Space home page: gets us better royalties, good if you don't have Amazon ...

    herspiral62 months ago0 replies

  • Time to Refresh

    Hello all, Thanks for your patience - and impatience! I know you want thi...

    herspiral64 months ago3 replies

  • Group still alive?

    group still alive?

    stephi.G.65 months ago4 replies

  • no new photos for 5 or six weeks

    what is the matter? why are there no new photos added? Jutta

    jutta brueck73 months ago3 replies

  • upload

    I don't understand how to upload the daily photo. Do I have to upload the photo ...

    jutta brueck76 months ago1 replies

  • Miksang in Nederland

    Wie is er in nl bezig met miksang? Ik ben voornemens evt nl ontmoeting digitaal ...

    renebrans79 months ago1 replies

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