Ochre Jelly PRO 7:39am, 25 May 2012

- The scale is micro. If you're not sure what this means, it means things are small. For the avoidance of doubt, look at some of the examples in the group.

- Scenes should try to evoke a classic scene or "the feel" of a well-known sci-fi movie. Don't just build a spaceship by itself.

- Scenes can be any size you like, but quality will win over quantity. A small well-crafted scene is much more likely to beat a massive but ropey battle scene.

- Judging will be on the basis of building skill, presentation, and evocation of the movie.

- Don't include minifigs in your creations. Microfigs are maybe ok. Maybe.

- No computer-generated models. You actually have to build it with real physical bricks.

- No custom parts.

- No disintegrations.

- The competition runs from May 25th 2012 to June 25th 2012.


- Maximum of 3 entries.

- Build something new.

- Entries should be posted in this group's pool.

- Questions about the rules etc should be posted here. But please check the previous answers before you post a question; if your question has already been answered, you'll look like a tool.


- Judges are Iain Heath and Rod Gillies. No arguing (except between Iain and Rod).

- TWO winners will be declared after June 25th. Each winner will be shipped one copy of Rod's custom microscale steampunk set.

- The organizers reserve the right to change the rules at any time. 5 years ago
What be disintegrations then?
Ochre Jelly PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ochre Jelly (admin) 5 years ago
^ ah, being a pirate, you've obviously never watched The Empire Strikes Back. ;-)
Gabe Umland 5 years ago
Can i use cut stickers? Or does that count as a custom part?
2 Much Caffeine 5 years ago
As long as the stickers are official LEGO ones, I reckon that's ok.
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