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Microscale LEGO recreations of iconic scenes from screen science fiction (TV or movie).

All models must be microscale (NO minifigs) and depict entire scenes (NOT just vehicles) from known sci-fi (NOT generic space).

Violators will be banned, and then disintegrated.


  • Publicity

    We got some pretty amazing coverage of this contest in the blogosphere... www...

    Ochre Jelly34 months ago5 replies

  • What next for this group?

    With the contest over, I have opened up this group again for adding photos. Ever...

    Ochre Jelly34 months ago1 replies

  • Winners

    Congratulations to nolnet and halfbeak... You are the joint winners of the M...

    Ochre Jelly35 months ago12 replies

  • Thankyou!

    The contest is now closed. No new entries will be accepted. Thanks to everyone w...

    Ochre Jelly35 months ago25 replies

  • Welcome!

    To mark the 35th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie, The...

    Ochre Jelly35 months ago13 replies

  • Rules

    RULES - The scale is micro. If you're not sure what this means, it means thin...

    Ochre Jelly35 months ago4 replies

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