Glen Mullaly PRO 8:24am, 23 April 2008
Hi all.

I knew it was just a matter of time until this happened to me. So I thought I'd let you know that a Flickr member, Velvet Fog, has been posting hundreds, if not thousands of images gathered ( I'm trying to be polite ) from other's photostreams ( as well as my, and many other's, blogs and websites ) and posting them without credit or links as his own.

I've sent him a clearly worded message listing the 70 or so of my images ( including my photography ) that he's appropriated and requesting that they be removed immediately. I noticed many other images ( in the many hundreds at least ) that I recognized from members of this group. Please check out his sets for your stuff. Leifpeng, wardomatic, grickly, and Miehana's images were all instantly recognizable, but I believe many other members images may be included.

Best of luck!
leifpeng PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by leifpeng (admin) 10 years ago

Here we go again. Its been a depressing 24 hours discovering just how thoughtless, disrespectful and down right criminal some people can be. I don't know if you are aware of what's happened to Luc Latulippe and a raft of other illustrators. That sorry story can be found here.

As for this Velvet Fog person, thanks for the heads up. I've sent him the following note, hoping to appeal to his better judgement:

"I've just discovered that you've appropriated I don't even know how many images from my classic illustration archives. Even worse, you've removed the credit lines to the artists, dates, and publications that I went to the trouble of including.

Fog, this is ethically wrong... and I'm hoping you now realize this if you didn't before. Please remove all of my scans from your sets... or if you insist on keeping them for your own inspiration, please make all of my scans 'private' so that the public can't access them.

I put this material online so that the artists who created these works would receive the recognition they deserve. By removing that information, you're participating in the process of creating 'Orphaned Works'. Companies or unscrupulous individuals wanting to make a quick buck can legally claim they can use these images for profit because they had no credit or copyright info attached... that they were simply 'found' - like abandoned orphans.

As an artist yourself, I hope you understand how wrong it is for artists to participate in the orphaning of other artists' work.

So please respect the hard work and best intentions of those of us on Flickr who are trying to honour the artists who came before us, and remove or restrict public access to the material you have appropriated from us.

Thank you - Leif"
wardomatic 10 years ago
Notice how he doesn't allow downloading any of his images? Ironic. I banned him from the Vintage Science group, and then blocked him. I would suggest you all do the same. That way, he won't be able to download larger versions of your images.

The next logical step is to raise a big stink to Flickr. I know that they're adamant about members taking images from other members. Couldn't hurt to try.
leifpeng PRO 10 years ago
I've already had a reply that I feel pretty good about. I'm happy to leave it at that for now:

"hey leif,

sorry for the confusion on the bulk uploads. i will remove them by days end. no harm intended, no profit gained, was just using them as personal reference. i will begin removing these images.

leifpeng PRO 10 years ago
But btw Ward, did you see the story I linked above regarding Luc's work?

This freaks the sh!t out of me in regards to the TI blog, our Flickr archives... the whole thing! There are some seriously unscrupulous people out ther and we're handing them gold nuggets, free for the taking. I'm seriously rethinking all my activity related to classic illustration archiving after reading Luc's post.
wardomatic 10 years ago
Yeah, I heard about it via Luc's Twitter. That's when John Martz posted it up on Drawn! It's nuts, really, since there's no direct link back to the publisher, web-wise or not. Shady business. And the Chinese market is untapped to all this.

I think it's probably better for you, Leif, to offer downloads of your images to only your contacts. Or to anyone who asks. Just a suggestion.
leifpeng PRO 10 years ago
I think you're right Ward. Sadly, the glory days freely sharing in this wonderful community are ending...
Glen Mullaly PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Glen Mullaly (member) 10 years ago
I heard back from Velvet Fog this morning as well. He went to the trouble of just copying his response to Leif, including addressing it to him instead of me!
He says he's going to remove all the images by the end of the day. I'll wait and see.

Thanks for info on Luc, Leif. I hadn't heard about it. I'll spread the word.

I'll think about the contact only download option as well Ward, but since I limit my contacts to a small number this may not work.
Glen Mullaly PRO 10 years ago
Velvet Fog appears to have deleted his account.
wardomatic 10 years ago
I'm wondering if Flickr deleted him, or if he did this himself. My suggestion is for us to be wary of this guy. My guess is that he may try to pop up here with a different account. I hope someone remembered his name.
Glen Mullaly PRO 10 years ago
I did all this stuff at 1:30 a.m. this morning, and I forgot to take down his last name. Maybe Leif did.
leifpeng PRO 10 years ago
Jean-Paul Bouchard
Glen Mullaly PRO 10 years ago
Thanks Leif.
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