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Glen Mullaly ADMIN January 23, 2010
Hi all!

Just a quick update to say that were still alive here at MCIO, despite the slow pace of new arrivals. Keep up the hunt for those treasures at flea markets, swap meets, auctions, or wherever you might find vintage original art for sale. Good luck!

Group Description

Welcome to Mid-Century Illustrated Originals, the spot for original illustration art from the mid-1940s to 1970 or so.

As something of a companion group to the Mid-Century Illustrated and Retro Kid groups we'd suggest you visit those boffo pools to familiarize yourself with the kind of illustrations we're interested in.

In a nutshell this is the group for posting original illustrations used in books ( children's and otherwise ), magazines, advertising, packaging or anywhere else illustration was published or printed. A good sized scan or photo of the original art and another of the finished art in use would be ideal. If you have an original illustration that you know was published ( or is by an established illustrator ) but don't have the book, magazine, etc it was printed in post it anyways and hopefully another member will post the published or printed item for you.

Some things that would be more suited to another group ( start your own if there isn't one already! ) might be...

-Images not of original art ( such as photography or prints), unless accompanying the original or linked to the original on this group.

-Original illustrations from before 1940 or after 1970 ( give or take a couple of years ).

-Original illustration art images you've found online or don't own / have access to or permission to photograph. Images from online auctions or taken at museums would fall into this category.

-Small, unclear images or images where the original art is not the main focus. Since we all want to enjoy the illustrations they should be large and clear enough to view properly.

-Original vintage animation or comic book art. I love both of these but I think they deserve ( or already have! ) their own groups.


So, enough of the rules, have fun sharing that cool old illustration you paid a year's salary for at auction or stumbled across at the flea market for pennies!

**** One last note: If you're thinking of joining this group you should know that due to a quirk in Flickr's past set-up ( unfortunately beyond my control ) a number of images are only visible to members of MCIO. Feel free to join the group, look around and then quit if you don't think that this is the group for you.
**** Also : As of April 2008 Flickr has charged the safety level rules. This means that "Moderate" images can no longer be added to a "Safe" group. Please check the safety level of any of your images you have concerns about. Feel free to FlickrMail me if you have a question about whether an image is appropriate for this group. Thanks!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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