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Welcome to Microspacetopia!

We've got three new build challenges up, running until whenever:
Utility Ships
Modular Spacecraft


  • STICKY  Minifig scale is NOT Microscale

    Just a quick reminder as to the nature of this group. It is "Microspacetopia" T...

    dasnewten3 months ago4 replies

  • Utility Craft Build-Off

    Tentative end date: Whenever Tugs, garbage collectors, asteroid miners, medic...

    [Soren]7 months ago23 replies

  • Microspace Gaming

    I know that others are playing table top games using microspace fleets but I am ...

    YourCure7 months ago5 replies

  • Out of curiousity, who's your inspiration? Idol?

    I am nearing the completion of my 1st Microspace build which amazingly happens t...

    YourCure13 months ago19 replies

  • Photography?

    Hello, I am new to micro scale and I was looking for a cheap or free way to impr...

    TheLegoExpert18 months ago4 replies

  • Need advice how to start with microscale

    Hi All, If i have no bricks yet, how to start? Shall i buy single bricks or are...

    wunderfritz21 months ago4 replies

  • Superweapon Build-Off

    Tentative end date: Whenever Time to let your inner galaxy-conquering megalom...

    [Soren]24 months ago24 replies

  • Microscale ? is there more than one scale

    I really think there is a couple scales to Microscale building . So i was wonder...

    Nightowl_28025 months ago35 replies

  • Useful pieces

    Here's some useful pieces for beginners: 1-Travis brick 2-Jumper plate 3-Mini...

    bill_serkoff26 months ago16 replies

  • Microspace on CUUSOO

    I started a Microspace project on CUUSOO featuring several of my best microspace...

    4estFeller28 months ago1 replies

  • New WiC

    I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in making a WiC, based around the N....

    Malicious Cheesecake30 months ago1 replies

  • EVE Online?....

    I have been looking at EVE Online lately and I was wondering, what are your thou...

    Maìne31 months ago2 replies

  • Gun Turret Archive

    I've had this idea for a while. Post pictures (small or medium, plox) or link...

    gIadius32 months ago17 replies

  • Unified Setting

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a sort of WiC group wi...

    Dr. Schultz34 months ago23 replies

  • MSW Rules

    I'm looking for the original set of Micro space wars rules that ѕроок / luk...

    ƒernald35 months ago6 replies

  • Military build competition

    A friendly neighborhood contest announcement from your friendly neighborhood Mai...

    -Mainman-35 months ago0 replies

  • Cool new lego planets

    I stumbled across these on brickshelf.

    YourCure37 months ago5 replies

  • Rules for Microspace

    Does anyone have a rule set for Microspace. I am wanting to get some fleets toge...

    Bryan.bischof37 months ago3 replies

  • Monthly Builds

    Right, so I thought that seeing as November is Nnovvember and we build Vic Viper...

    Dodongo Man38 months ago2 replies

  • Bonjour / Microscales

    Hello Microspacetopians, I wasn't in the hobby until a few months ago, I had...

    « Hober Mallow »40 months ago4 replies

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