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YouDidntDidYou ADMIN July 21, 2013
****please add "seen in #micro43critiques" to your comments**** so people understand the context of your comments (will also help spread the word).

- Don't Post and Run
- Exif data must be intact
- Invite photos where you feel the composition is especially good/thoughtful/well captured
- Add thoughtful comments

Group Description

The concept behind the creation of this group is to give users of micro and four thirds cameras a place to have their work critiqued (hopefully) by fellow micro and 4/3rds users. www.mftuser.com/

1. Don't Post and Run - All though commenting is not mandatory (yet!), please take time to review pictures posted by others and comment on them. As the name says the group is about critiques and not just a place for showcasing (photos that are already in a large amount of groups (15+) maybe removed from this pool).

2. When you add an image to the pool, it's understood that you are looking for feedbacks/suggestions etc. So if someone's comment doesn't say, "Oh my god, that's an exceptional picture" don't be offended and start a hate campaign against him/her. Be ready to accept "You need to improve" types.

3. "Awesome", "Nice", "Wonderful" etc. - Yes, we've heard that before. All though we like these words, just don't comment with one word, for the sake of it. Your comment is supposed to improve/add to/enlighten someone's work. Try to convey your critique in nice positive way.

4. Do not tell people that they should of shot at 16:9 apect ratio, used dramatic tone filter etc if it wasn't available on their camera model. Spreading Camera Gear Acquisiton Syndrome is also not cool.

5. If you think, the photo you posted in the pool wasn't critiqued enough post it in one of the threads. So that you can get some special attention!

6. The only rules are that you must have taken the picture with any micro and 4/3rds camera (old or new) and the Exif data reflect that.

7. Do not post anything and everything from your photostream into this pool please...

8. Can't decide between 2 or more pics post them into a thread for opinion and critique.

9. Please add a "seen in #Micro and Four Thirds Critiques group" when submitting comments or even better a link back :D

10. Do invite photos where you feel the composition is especially good/thoughtful/well captured from someone's photostream.

11. Keep critiques down to the individual photo in front of you and not about someone's style, modus opernadi, general editing etc

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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