Loon Man [deleted] 7:37pm, 29 August 2007
All you have to do is call the number on the Thor Equity sign shown on the building...
jberta 10 years ago
I also called... before I even found this group. Got a voicemail back saying they would consider selling them. But when I called back I got their vmail again. If I hear anything back about what they're sellling them for I'll let you know.

Thanks too, for this group. I'm a signage designer at a nearby design firm, and this is among my favorite signs in the city. It's been sad to see it falling apart over the years.

I think I have some photos deep in my iPhoto library. If I do I'll post them.

Fans of the facade can also see it in 2 recent movies. Toward the end of "The Devil Wears Prada" is a scene in Mayrose Diner, and out the window you can see M.Gordon's facade. And the first Fantastic Four movie (not this summer's sequel) has a scene in which the characters are running past the facade.
sidewalk_story 10 years ago
I put a screencap from TDWP into the pool back when I had the DVD:
M Gordon in the movies

If I ever get FF, I'll look for it and grab one. Thanks for the hint.
Loon Man [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Loon Man (member) 10 years ago
The gentleman I've been speaking to priced the letters at $200 a pop, twice what I had offered for the "M." in a prior discussion - - in my view the choice. I opted out, and didn't bother to haggle. I wouldn't think they would be in the business of selling letters, but maybe they'd rather put them in storage. I don't know.

I didn't think anything shady was going on, I just didn't understand their motivations. A lot of places would just put them in the dumpster.

@jberta: very cool. That qualifies our M. Gordon Novelty shots for another pool, NYC TV/Film Locations.
jberta 10 years ago
Spoke w/ someone at Thor today. Confirmed at $200 a piece, and its non-negotiable. I suppose if enough people like us are interested it makes sense that they're asking so much for them. But I could probably have them made anew for less than that.
Loon Man [deleted] 10 years ago
At $200, that's a deal I can walk away from.
Triborough PRO 10 years ago
Well I am not shocked that the evil Thor would gouge people for them.
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