Darren Turners Photography 8:20pm, 22 November 2011
If You’re At The Manchester Christmas Markets Taking Photographs Just Like Me & Almost Everyone Else Who Was Out Taking Photos With Either Dslr’s Compacts & Or Even There Mobile Phones Especially In St Anne’s Square As The Guy Who This Stall Belongs To May Approach You As He Did My Last Night His Attitude & Tone Of Voice Was Very Snotty, Abrupt & Verging On Threatening As He Continued To Loudly Inform Me That I Was Not Allowed To Take Photos Of Or Near His Stall As I Needed Permission From Him To Do So Which He Would Not Give Me. We Had A Discussion With Me Informing Him Of My Right To Take Photos In A Public Place Of Which He Was Not Taking It In. I Got My Images I Wanted & Left Just To Keep The Peace. I Was Wandering Around For A Further 2 Hours Without Any Further Issues Or Confrontations.

Buddah Style On Manchester Christmas Markets
parsons marjorie PRO 7 years ago
As there are no signs to say NO PHOTOGRAPHY in public spaces like St Ann's or Albert Square etc, I don't think the stall holder had any right to approach you in this way. Nor would you need a licence to photograph these events. He was out of order
Gene Hunt PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Gene Hunt (member) 7 years ago
I'll be heading into Manchester both this Saturday and a week on Saturday and I do intend to photograph the stalls (in general) as I will be visitng there at some point.

As mentioned by it is a public place and if the same bloke (or anyone for that matter) starts to be confrontational with me saying I can't photo this, i'm gonna give them a piece of my mind!

The stallholder in question was bang out of order saying that photos aren't allowed there!

Me eating one of Luxembourg's finest

Pic of yours truly, taken at last year's Crimbo markets by one of the stallholders who were only too happy to take this shot! ;)
JayT47 PRO 6 years ago
Photography can be very invasive and if someone objects then we should respect their wishes.....no matter how rude they seem.
And especially if they're threatening violence!
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