salfordphil 12:03am, 16 October 2011
(Start in Salford.) a local salford chariry who help people with mental health problems.
Put on a charity evening event at the Lowry Hotel on the 13 oct 2011 .
lods of selebrity attended from cori to manchester unnited and city.attended. And Mike Sweeney comperd the event.
all monys raied will go to help this charity .even The great S
alford artist like the others donated a picture for th lucky person how won the compertition that as put on .on the night (.the lucky ever thay are ) Mike and Harold all donated there time totely free i would like to say also. And great thanks are due to all how helped put on this evening .
It is hoped that this will be a yearly event .
which i personaly think would be such a great idea,as to say th least it was such a great yearly event to look forwerd to.
and as one how has been in the unfortunet persition to have had a brake down my self.andnows first hand howit can afect one. and used start in salford and not as i now as a volentter now .but as aperson how needed shuch a service to help me rcover and manige my bipoler mental halth .i now how much such a servic is needed .and just wish such simuler services as we in salford ar fortunet to have .was uk wide as i now it would help so so meny.please se the start in salford web site to get a beter idea at what i amd saying if inrested at
by phi;ip l hamer
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