Joel Goodman PRO 5:05pm, 13 July 2010
Time: Sunday 18th July, 4pm.
Place: Market Street, outside the Arndale Centre entrance opposite Tesco, Manchester City Centre.

The point: Too often photographers are subject to harassment by private and public security personnel and wardens. Such incidents typically involve an attempt to prevent the perfectly legitimate activity of photography on public land and sometimes result in actions that are intimidating towards and obstructive of photographers, or in demands that images are deleted - behaviour which, in the name of preventing legal behaviour, is itself illegal.

Bring your camera/s, your friends with cameras and anyone else with a camera. No words, no drama, just a low-key show of defiance. Pass it on.
parsons marjorie PRO 7 years ago
I felt slightly intimdated on one occasion at Media-City close to the new Metro-Link station. I was taking some pictures of the new buildings as well as the waterfront. An inspector appeared to be coming towards me, but I moved away just incase he was about to give me a ticking off. I don't believe I was doing anything wrong. The pictures were of the changing face of the Salford Quays, not of the Metro-LInk. The new station just happens to be there.
Stuart Grout 7 years ago
Nearly put this in my diary until I noticed the day of posting. July 2010!
Autumn Stone Pics 7 years ago
Ha ha, that would be one small flash mob. Did this thing actually happen then, how many turned up?
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