April theme

jstncnnlly 3:35pm, 13 April 2010
It's a bit late, I know, but... At the beginning of March we set you our first Flickr group theme. Members of the group were asked to upload an image of their own that summed up their feelings about Manchester – their own Manchester Day image.
There were some great photos, and we selected the three we liked best to reproduce in the Manchester Evening News.
The theme for April is simple – it’s supposed to be spring, but the signs may be hard to spot given the weather. To prove the seasons really are changing, we’d like to see your images of renewal around the city. As usual, you need not take that literally...
Your best images will be reproduced in the Manchester Evening News's Weekend supplement next month.

PS: Please tag your images with 'renewal' so we can find them.
TerryMc Photography 8 years ago
What happened with the April theme - did anything ever come of it?

Also, what is happening in May? Is there a theme fir this month?
TerryMc Photography 8 years ago
Hello......? Amybody there?
jstncnnlly 8 years ago
Hi Terry,

Sorry I missed this. The response to the April theme has been, ahem, less than overwhelming. We're having a rethink.


TerryMc Photography 8 years ago
Perhaps something with a less abstract topic?
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