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jstncnnlly 9:53pm, 28 February 2010
I know we're digital and all, but here at the Manchester Evening News we've still got a fondness for paper and ink.
We recently started a technology page in the MEN's Saturday supplement, Weekend.
It's intended to help those currently underusing their technology join in the digital revolution, and we're encouraging readers to sign up to this group and submit their pictures of Greater Manchester.
I hope we'll get many more members as we go, and so we've decided to be a bit more selective about the photos we approve to the group - we're just going to let the ones we like best in.
In addition we're going to set monthly themes for the group and (here's where the print bit comes in) we're going to publish the very best in the paper each month.
March's theme is inspired by the announcement last week of plans to hold a Manchester Day later this year.
We want images that represent what Manchester means to you - and we don't just mean iconic images of the wheel, or the town hall, or whatever.
Please tag your pictures manchesterday so we can find them. And don't worry, we'll be in touch if we want to print your photo before we use anything.
And feel free to get in touch with any ideas for future themes, or anything else for that matter.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining our group and submitting so many great images.
Jane Bourne 8 years ago
Any Payment ??
jstncnnlly 8 years ago
Sorry Jane, no payment. Just the joy of seeing your images in print.
Jane Bourne 8 years ago
Bogus :-(
karen's images PRO 8 years ago
is there a website to join?karen
Groups Beta