zxzoomy PRO 11:49am, 15 May 2008
the city centre is being rapidly cleaned up today 15 may 2008
Matthew.Thompson. 10 years ago
good old scots made a bit of a mess didnt they
zxzoomy PRO 10 years ago
they make up for it by singing happily
ulstertower photographic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ulstertower photographic (member) 10 years ago
Hey I don't watch football or follow it. As a matter of fact I hate it!! (NB: Can't understand why people want to waste 90 mins of their time watching a T.V. screen of a ball?)

But I have looked at some of the vids on the internet of this riot. And what I have noticed is that some of the Police Officers were in fact just as Criminal with their actions towards the fans, just like some of the fans were to them. Perhaps this is the reason why that officer got a good beaten of them?
Matthew.Thompson. 10 years ago
yea possibly. I think from what I've seen they were a little OTT

just as a matter of interest anyone see the blue paint on all the statues?

personally...i dont carry blue paint around as a "just in case" so the blue paint on all the statues...a little pre-meditiated i think, don't you?
Noah.Goodrich 10 years ago
I think that the Police reacted poorly towards some completely innocent fans who happend to be standing around on the street (as they just knocked them over, hit them etc) but were not strong enough towards the real hooligans who were attacking and beating some officers.

That CCTV footage of the lone policeman being surrounded by 20+ fans kicking and punching him was horrific.
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