foodieSarah 6:12pm, 28 April 2008
There's been so many great pictures submitted so far it's just amazing.
Thank you all for your funny, informative and often revealing pictures of Manchester.
I'm thinking that I may start a Twitter feed to share some further afield.
What do you think?
Pimlico Badger PRO 10 years ago
At the risk of sounding stupid, what is twitter?

As far as I'm concerned, the more people who get to see my pictures the better.
breakbeat PRO 10 years ago
Pimlico Badger PRO 10 years ago
Ah, I've signed up for it as Coradia1000 (surprise surprise).
joseph_mcgarraghy 10 years ago
Hi Sarah,

I will be interested to see what the other members think because of their experiences.

interesting idea!
foodieSarah 10 years ago
What a supportive and open-minded group this is! I'll get it sorted in the next few days.
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