anonymousmanchester153 5:40pm, 15 March 2008
We are anonymous,
we are legion,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Expect us.
breakbeat PRO 10 years ago
Ooh didn't realise there was another one today, I was at the Last one
ditto! i would of gone down this time!!!!
Matthew.Thompson. 10 years ago
Forgive me,

but are these protests against scientology or against its opression.

I currently have no standing on the matter I was simply wondering what the protests were for
i am not 100% sure, but what i have seen on youtube, it is against scientology! like yourself, i would like to know for sure!
1hr photo PRO 10 years ago
Against scientology.
Matthew.Thompson. 10 years ago
yea...looking at those pictures...i can't see a bunch of scientologists dressing up in masks and protesting outside their own chuch...surely they'd go to like...urbis or just generally march around...maybe anonymousprotest... would know for sure...

"1hr photo" are they definitely against is...and if so do you know when others will be?
Matthew.Thompson. 10 years ago
sorry...back again...

i think this clears everything right up...
1hr photo PRO 10 years ago
This thread on the Manchester Flickr group gives a lot more info...

(and a bit of (ahem) sceptical commentary, too...)
productive hydrant [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm into this sort of event, protests, parades, marchs and that sort of thing but I tend to miss them because I can't find any info about them before hand do any of you good folk know of any websites or anything that I can info about up and coming stuff or is it purely luck that you come across them?
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