Shot by Karen 2:43pm, 1 February 2013
These are the topics for tomorrow's challenge – with an optional 4th ...

(1) Patterns
(2) Used
(3) Edible


(4) Real Life
[for those involved, this is the theme for this month’s Platform 12 Project]


1) Photos to be taken during the Challenge timeline only (11.00-13.00, Sat 2 Feb)
2) Topics can be interpreted in any way you like, let your creativity flow!
3) You can shoot as many versions of the topic as you want, but just submit ONE for each challenge theme
4) Label each image with the topic title
5) Upload each of your chosen images onto THIS site
6) Try to comment on as many of the other members’ images as possible – let them know what you like (or don't!)

All cameras can be used - DSLRs, compacts or iPhones, whatever takes your fancy. The skill is in the interpretation and creativity of the ideas : enjoy!
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