Nutty-Nix-Pix 7:42pm, 20 August 2012
These are your topics, they can be shot in any order but must be uploaded, labelled and numbered in the correct order:

1) Urban Streets
2) How Low can you go?
3) Boy(s) in blue
4) Addiction
5) You've been framed
6) Devine lines

The Rules:
1) You can take the shot as many times as you like, but only submit ONE shot on each of the subjects 1-6

2) The subjects can be shot in any order but must be uploaded in the exact order as listed above

3) All shots must be numbered and labelled correctly

4) All shots to be uploaded TO BPG FLICKR – if you are not a member of this group, please contact Tom as soon as possible

5) Photoshop is allowed for this Challenge as we are allowing you to use your SLRS if you wish but mobile phones are still fine, the challenge is about creativity and interpretation of the subject not what camera you use.

6) All SIX shots must be uploaded to Flickr by 8pm on Monday 20th August, feel free to add any other shots to the meetup page as well but we are trying to promote our Flickr group so ask you put the challenges on flickr first
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