Shot by Karen 3:36pm, 6 July 2012
These are your topics – they can be shot in ANY order, but MUST be uploaded, labelled and numbered in the correct order

(1) Energy
(2) Something saucy
(3) Glimpse of the future
(4) Community vibe
(5) Lady in red

+ ONE from the list below … we thought it would be good to have an element of “randomness” - and for people to choose a subject that might interest them!

Again, please ensure you number your image (6) and include the subject title when you upload
your shot

Hot wheels
Something old something new
Summer of sport
Dressed to kill
Old school
Law and order
Shiny and new
Summer colours
Typically British
Broken treasures
Reflective life
Turn back time
Double Trouble
In a dream world
Dressed to impress
In the air
In water
A Random Act of Kindness
Medieval Bristol
Law & Order


1) You can take the shot as many times as you like, but only submit ONE shot on each of the subjects 1-5, then choose from ONE of the subjects below (6)

2) The subjects can be shot in any order but must be uploaded in the exact order as listed above

3) All shots must be numbered and labelled correctly

4) All shots to be uploaded TO BPG FLICKR – if you are not a member of this group, please contact Tom as soon as possible

5) *** NO PHOTOSHOP *** : only in-camera processing can be used. Apps for iPhone and Android (such as Hipstamatic) are actively encouraged. Remember, this challenge is about having fun and being creative – not technical excellence

6) All SIX shots must be uploaded to Flickr (NOT Meetup) by 2pm on SUNDAY 8 JULY 9 years ago
Awesome, looking forward to it :)
Shot by Karen 9 years ago
Well i really enjoyed this ... hope you all did too?

For me, it was easier than the Photo Marathon simply because we could take shots in any order and so when i came across something, i was able to take it!

I think my favourite shots have been from the "Lady in Red" topic - thanks for the suggestion Nic!

Would be interesting to get your feedback on this Challenge, as i am keen to do some more ... please post comments here :
ZiMmEr52 9 years ago
Really enjoyed the day Karen, keen to do some more, thanks for organising it!
Shot by Karen 9 years ago
Yeah - me too : makes you wonder why we spend so much on camera equipment sometimes ;-)

There was some real creativity both in regard to interpretation of the topics and also the compositions/ideas.

Def plan to do another one before I'm off, was going to post up for Sunday 19 August - that is going to be my last Meetup for a few months!
GJ Evans 9 years ago
Thanks to the organisers, was well thought out and the choice of topics made it less tricky than the Photomarathon!
Jules Bristol 9 years ago
I really enjoyed Saturday, thanks for organising. I'd be keen to do another one - perhaps make it a regular event before the monthly social?
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