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Not medium format digital cameras and backs, not polaroids, etc.
People who are caught posting photos who were not shot on medium format film are banned whithout notice and their photos deleted.


  • Medium format film camera rentals in UK?

    Hey, I googled far and wide but couldn't find any film camera rentals anywhe...

    madmoissele4 hours ago0 replies

  • Sunny 16 rule

    Hello everyone, I have bought a Rolleiflex MX 75mm f/3.5 (Tessar) and I have ...

    ValerieFujita5 days ago17 replies

  • edit

    sorry, was told to remove this link as someone reported me regarding it. Sorr...

    AlanWBlack12 weeks ago7 replies

  • Best bokeh possible on MF?

    I recently saw some dreamy photos taken with a rangefinder and a voightlander 35...

    Sir Loin of Beef2 weeks ago189 replies

  • Film Processing in the State of Gerogia

    Does any body know of a 120 film processor in the Atlanta area?

    acworthal2 weeks ago5 replies

  • Recommendation please?

    Hey group, I'm looking to buy a medium format camera. I worked briefly with a ...

    rominicole4 weeks ago18 replies

  • Starter camera, first steps in 6x6

    Hello guys and thanks for reading! I have some experience in 35mm film and I'd l...

    @wallovt4 weeks ago24 replies

  • Question regarding B&W-enlargers for 6x9/6x7

    Hi there, I'm looking for informations about "oversize" 6x9/6x7-enlargers. W...

    georgsfoto5 weeks ago8 replies

  • For sale, Pentax 67II with two lenses

    I am selling my Pentax 67II camera, with AE finder , two lens (45 & 200mm) and g...

    hjakic5 weeks ago1 replies

  • Yashica vs Rolleiflex

    Hi masters, I wonder - what is the difference between Yashica and Rolleiflex? A...

    Eran Shpigelman2 months ago12 replies

  • Which 80mm lens should I buy for my Meopta enlarger?

    Hi! I've bought a medium format camera recently and now I need a 80mm lens fo...

    Dismal Mist2 months ago3 replies

  • Recommended scanners?

    Hey all! I just ordered a replacement for my broken Fuji GS645s. (given to me...

    moishe_l2 months ago16 replies

  • Just ordered a used MF, now how to test?

    I just took advantage of the Cyber Monday 15% off sale at KEH and ordered a Mami...

    Rick.Scheibner3 months ago11 replies

  • Camera Decision

    Hello all I am only new to this group and about to purchase my first MF unit, b...

    Juzz20123 months ago6 replies

  • analogue resistance

    Us, the analogue survivors, have discovered that the quality of film is just ins...

    Felipe Cárdenas-Támara4 months ago10 replies

  • MF Camera and 3 lens kit for sale

    Hey folks, not sure if this is allowed here but I am selling my Bronica ETRSi an...

    24/6 photography4 months ago1 replies

  • What's the slowest shutter speed you shoot portraits with?

    Every time I shoot portraits and the exposure needs a speed slower then 1/60 I g...

    Andre Mueller4 months ago35 replies

  • help

    I am looking for a good medium format camera. Maybe a kiev or something else. My...

    Braeden Vandygriff4 months ago7 replies

  • Have you ever made your own medium-format camera?

    I have. It's called the 'Buckshot EBS Revolver', and it's the first camera in th...

    blafonque4 months ago9 replies

  • 6x6 camera

    hi everyone. I found a 6x6 camera with the name caniom. has anyone ever heard ...

    John von Friedhof5 months ago1 replies

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