holistic cats [deleted] 2:04pm, 11 July 2009
Hi I'm super familiar with a wild medicinal called CLEAVERS & use it often for personal use. A friend of mine just took a photograph of something which she believes is CLEAVERS , has labeled it as such & it's not. I do not know what exactly it is she has photographed (that she believes to be cleavers), but have seen it around and can see how someone could misidentify it or get confused as they are kinda similiar.

My issue's are, that I worry about her safety if she's using it as one would use cleavers as it could harm her. TWO ~ others may think that what she has so beautifully photographed / labeled is cleavers and start harvesting / using it as such when it's not.

PLEASE HELP as to me it's a safety issue and I am greatly worried!?!!!! If anyone here is very familiar with CLEAVERS / uses it regularly enough to properly identify it, could you please let my friend know by telling her so. I'd greatly appreciate it & thanks in advance.

Here's the link to her most beautiful photograph


(A very concerned friend...)

P.S.- If anyone is familiar with what she does have photographed and knows what it is PLEASE LET HER / MYSELF KNOW, as I see it often and am not completely sure.... could it be Sweet Woodruff or is it Gallium verum???
Lynnette Henderson 9 years ago
The photo in question has been identified as Fragrant, or Sweet-scented Bedstraw, Galium triflorum.
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