trilobian 7:54pm, 4 July 2008
Hi guys,
It's summer and purslanes are growing everywhere, in the backyard, in the garden...
purslane is rich of Omega-3 acid, which make it tasted a little bit sour, like vinegar.
Can anybody share your purslane recipe here? any recipe will be appreciated!
pennyeast PRO 10 years ago
trilobian Hi there!! All I do is prepare a little base of sauted onion and garlic, add some tomato and a bit of sugar, and when its all nice an "mushy" add the purslane and simmer in its own juices till its cooked to your taste. Sometimes add some chilli if the little ones are not around!! Enjoy!!
Would like to see a photo of this purslanes
egle_k. 10 years ago
Some photos with purslane in our pool:
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