Palas_Atenea 11:14am, 4 May 2008
Many thanks for inviting me to your group. It's a pleasure to share my photographs with others interesting in flowers.
egle_k. 10 years ago
I am happy you enjoy it.
besitai 10 years ago
Thanks for the inivitation to join the group. I have collected some pictures of herbs popular in Malaysia. Our government is currently trying to encourage the use of local herbs and see their market potential. Most of the herbs I posted are known locally. I am compiling the pictures for a book I hope to publish locally. Anyway just to share my interest as I am a horticultural graduate.
egle_k. 10 years ago
Thank you for joining the pool.
Miriam Stumpf 10 years ago
Hi,my name is Miriam ,I am from Brazil and I work with aromatic and medicinal plants producers.
I would like to join in this group. If I can help to identification of plants, please let me know.
I am one of the administrators of the and I would like to invited you all to like those plants to join in our group too,we will be happy. Thank you all,have a nice week!Miriam
Printemps ete 10 years ago
Thank you to invite me to the group. I'm living in France, in the Alpen and I love taking photos of flowers. It's a very good idea to focus on medicinal or aromatic plants. Thank you !

fillzees PRO 10 years ago
Since a few herbal photos were invited awhile ago, decision was finally made to actually join this educational group.
Living close to the Appalachian mountains, an area of immense bio-diversity, there are much of the local herbal lore for sharing, however, expression of the names in the Cherokee language seems difficult.
Having a botanical interest in pharmacognosy, this group holds much interest and discovery.
vonzies Posted 10 years ago. Edited by vonzies (member) 10 years ago
thank you Egle that you like my picture. I'm dutch and I mostly take flower pictures in my very little garden. I love it.
egle_k. 10 years ago
Welcome everyone! Thank you for your special contribution from most different parts of our Planet.
lucidcats PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by lucidcats (member) 10 years ago
Thank You Eglė K. for inviting me to this wonderful earth healing group!!
I love harvesting wild foods from my environment.
In Washington State we have apple trees that have gone wild and I love making apple cider. Also we have rose hips the size of grape bunches, and I like to put them through my juicer. This makes a thick pulpy juice that I freeze in to ice cube trays. Then I add the cubes in a blender to smoothies made with wild blackberry juice, fructose, and cream. This energy drink gives me hours of happy wakefulness with no downer like coffee, and it tastes sooooo yummy!!

It's really cool to see so many other people harvesting local from nature. If more people do this then maybe we can save Mother Earth.
After all, she is trying to save us by growing so many healing herbs with in our reach. The cure for cancer maybe growing in the field next door. It'd worth exploring the possibility of at least trying to heal ourselves.
Thank you for starting this wonderful group ;-)
egle_k. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by egle_k. (admin) 10 years ago
Thank you Lucid for beautiful words, it is nice to see you in our group.
jennyhsu47 9 years ago
Thank you egle_k.
I am very happy in this wile plant group. Dueing to I have small time to learn Chinese herb and collecting many about medicine wile herb. And take phots to study in this. I am very grow up in Taipei, Taiwan. Wish more and more people enjoy in this group. Deep thanks!
egle_k. 9 years ago
Thank you!
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