Hank H 1:28am, 16 April 2008
I've just uploaded a great many images and some are better than others. It was not my intention to "spam" this group. But I noticed this Wikipedia "Category of Medicinal Plants" list and then started wandering through my own photo stream. The results was... well...

Some of these are very vague. Is there a particularly good book or website known to any of you wherein I might find listings of "Medicinal Plants"? I'm a gardener and not a medical man... I prefer to search by binomial (or binominal) nomenclature (Genus epithet) rather than common name because this is the way I know my plants. Any advice, direction, experience would be appreciated.

Please feel free to delete any of these images if not appropriate. Love all the photos! Keep 'em coming!

egle_k. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by egle_k. (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks for posting photos. This list in Wikipedia is good, but, of course, relatively small, I think it has about 1000 herbs at present. I think that the list of medicinal plants of our group is bigger, maybe twice.

More than 1200 local herbs are used for medicinal purposes in Europe alone, besides hundreds of plants are imported from other climate zones. Chinese medicine uses near 4000 medicinal plants. I find its description in Wikipedia very poor and it is impossible to check a picture in Chinese version, because a link is made to a letter, not to the whole word when visited last time.

Some of used medicinal plants are endemic and many have limited areal. Number of plant species in general is much higher in tropical regions. Some plants grow in different regions, but they are used differently; they are considered medicinal or edible in one places, but not used in others or grown only as ornamental. Plants may have different conservation status. Because of all that some invitations to our group may cause a surprise for authors of pictures.

I personally do not know any book, which would comprise most of known medicinal herbs. If to buy two books about folk medicine of the same region, as a rule, some plants will be listed in one and some only in another. There are more plants in lists of Internet where medicinal flora is presented by country, branch of medicine (Ayurvedic, Chinese, etc.). Official lists are also not full, because biodiversity may do fit with aims of simplified bureaucratic models, influenced also by competing interests of industries, large scale monocultural agriculture, prevailing food companies, etc.

Estimated number of medicinal plants is over 53,000. Beside that, our group includes wild edible plants and relatively rare cultivated plants. Many of common fruits and vegetables are used also as medicinal, therefore they appear in the pool sometimes.

It would be very nice if all plants were described with Latin names. English or other names are ambivalent very often and this list in Wikipedia strangely does not have a Latin version yet.

By way, a number of plants have several scientific (Latin) names, as classification history, and they may look as different plants inour pool, if unchecked. Names of materia medica, in Latin or Chinese, may indicate several botanical species and it is not always possible to translate it into a name of plant species or genus. But these pics are interesting, because our topic is about uses of plants; unfortunately, plant botanical species can not be quite often identified even in the point of selling. Lists of materia medica could appear in Wikipedia too.

I think that our group will be interesting namely due to almost endless chances to discover something new, because of big biodiversity of our planet, different traditions and good opportunities of international communication. And each photo may reflect already known plants in a new way,
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