karenphillips 5:50pm, 15 April 2008
I joined this group a few days ago, and noticed today that it had joined the list of groups that I moderate. How did that happen?

Thanks! Karen
egle_k. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by egle_k. (admin) 10 years ago
:) You may see that you are not alone in this destiny - I assure that nobody has been "promoted" per personal applicaton. In fact, you have been included among VERY EXPERIENCED MEMBERS. Flickr permits to edit role names, but your group information provides standard phrases further: "Groups you administer", "Groups you moderate" and "Groups you belong to".

Some of our members have clearly more knowledge in botanics, very informative photostreams if to take the scope of our group or good competence in some narrow related fields.

I would not like to make them feel as having more obligations, but rather to make them more visible and also that they become aware of their higher competence in certain things in this context . Others can have more questions on plant identification, etc and more experienced members may enjoy answering questions. Members and Very Experienced Members include people with very diverse knowledge and experience in photography. You understand of course, that my abilities to determine are also limited and I can do not notice somebody worth greater attention.

Moderator level also gives more power in member management. This group unites very nice people, so I hope that additional functions will not be misused and will help only to keep the pool interesting and without photos, which are far from our themes.

You may wonder why I am the only "administrator". As far as I am administrator, I do not plan to "promote" others to administrators, because I am afraid that our group may unintentionally become private, e.g. because of some experimental clicking. I would like to ask you do not consider role names as some hierarchical system, we all are here to have fun.
karenphillips 10 years ago
Thanks! I'm flattered!
Gwylan PRO 10 years ago
I too noticed this...the moderator tag.
I notice 'K' has been very busy and gathered together a lot of people... well done! One Administrator sounds like a good idea to me.

Have you started putting the photos into sets yet? We should ask members or comment on their use... how to cook them, geo tag them, etc... Any user can add their own tags against a photo eg you could add any common names in whatever language and so on blah blah.
Brigitte Rieser PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Brigitte Rieser (moderator) 10 years ago
ah, now I know :-))

Is it possible to gather pool pics into sets? This would help very much in handling the content of the database of course.

I still am inthe process to sift my pics, which belong into this pool. Have to tag them accordingly too
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