kosbrick 4:08am, 15 April 2016
You're given a month to challenge yourself to build your best LEGO minifigure.
That's it!

You should START building between the 1st of May and 31st of May, so don't cheat :P

1. Post your final fig creation in one of the Entry thread (according to the respective category).
2. Insert this text in your fig description:
"Entry for MAYnifigure 2016"
>>>>>>REMEMBER, you'll only be counted as an entry if you do both of these things.

There will be six categories:
1. Best of MAYnifigure 2016: Details and criteria on the FAQs section (at the bottom).
2. People’s Choice Award: Details on the FAQs section (at the bottom).
3. Best of Sculpt: Any sculpted custom figs or figs with sculpted parts. Post it in this Entry Thread.
4. Best of Paint: Any fig painted with a brush or marker. Post it in this Entry Thread.
5. Best of Decal: Stickers, waterslide decals, you name it. Post it in this Entry Thread.
6. Best of Mix & Match: Purists, third party brands (Brickarms, Brickwarriors etc.) and other mashups with LEGO parts. Post it in this Entry Thread.

You can read the details for each category there, but please keep the questions and discussions here.

Community Poster:
All entries will be handsomely included in a downloadable HUGE POSTER by the end of the event. (Unless you want yours to be uglily included...uh, we could do that too!)

There will be a trophy!!!
Although this is meant as a fun friendly challenge, we will have an award for the best fig in the form of a special trophy.

Decaled Tiles:
Yup. All the best minifigs in each category will receive a decaled tile.


Q: Is this a contest?
A: Nope. This is a challenge; not a contest, not a competition. It's not about winning or losing, but to challenge ourselves and have fun together creating what we like with our friends!

Q: Can I use unusual LEGO figs such as Fabuland, 4 Junior, Friends figs?
A: Yes. Any fig as long as it's LEGO.

Q: Can I use 3rd party brand accessories like Brickarms, Brickwarriors etc.?
A: Yes!

Q: How do I get to be in the poster and win???
A: Post your final creation in the Entry thread and follow the requirements stated there. And give it your all!

Q: What are the categories eligible for winning?
1. Best of MAYnifigure 2016
2. Best People's Choice
3. Best Sculpt
4. Best Paint
5. Best Decal
6. Best Mix & Match

Q: How does the Best People's Choice category work?
A: Right after the challenge ends, a new voting thread will be opened on the 1st of June and every MAYnifigure 2016 participant will be allowed to vote for their favorite minifig. Voting ends on the 7th of June (a one week period). Details to follow later :)

Q: How do I win the trophy and be the Best of MAYnifigure 2016?
A: Again, it's not about winning and getting the trophy, but it's all about challenging ourselves and have fun together creating what we like with our friends. BUT to get a chance to receive the trophy, the aesthetic and "feel" of your minifig should look like it is made by LEGO itself. This means the use of custom parts must be justified and feel as if LEGO would do it themselves. For example, The Simpsons figs are a combination of custom sculpted heads and normal fig torsos and legs. Here the use of sculpt is perfect since it fits the Simpsons very well. An overly detailed sculpt of minifig hands, legs and torsos though is unnatural in LEGO. While it can very well win in the "Best Sculpt" category, it's not what we're looking for in the "Best of MAYnifigure".

Any questions regarding this or anything else about the challenge can be asked in this thread!

Let's have a fun month of minifigs!


▪ Organizer & Trophies: KosBrick
▪ Poster Design/Photo Editing & Decaled Tiles: burningblocks
▪ Judges: A secret panel of judges which will be disclosed later on.

W. Navarre 3 years ago
Hmm, sounds cool! l think I can participate a little more then last year, but I don't know...
kosbrick 3 years ago
W. Navarre:

I hope you can :) This year it will be more fun :D
Starconyx4 2 years ago
The year I move, the one Lego-event-month thingy that I really should participate in is the same month I move. Gotta love that timing lol. Hopefully I can contribute something, at least :P
ooh... sounds fun
k9iug 2 years ago
Consider me intrigued. I've not been much into the mini figures but recently came across a podcast based on fictional characters and I'd like to try and make them in minifig form. Maybe this will give me a reason to give it a go.
kosbrick 2 years ago
Moving could be like hell for sure...hahaha :D Hope it will went well for your move and can participate on this year too man :)

Come and join the fun man! :)

Actually that's the thing about this challenge including for myself, it gives me a reason to get my hands on minifigs :D Looking forward to see your entry and the character you're planning to make :)
AzureBrick 2 years ago them, build around them, obsess over fleshie ones....this could be right up my street :-)
emperor.willmot Posted 2 years ago. Edited by emperor.willmot (member) 2 years ago
Mmmmmm I do love minifigures...
Building them that is.
pvt.brickarms 2 years ago
This is looking amazing! I expect a lot of amazing projects are going to be made for this since the categories are very diverse :) Great choices, best of luck to all!
Rambles of Orange 2 years ago
A month to build a minifigure? I think I can pull that off. :)
kosbrick Posted 2 years ago. Edited by kosbrick (admin) 2 years ago
It’s ON now! :D I hope you could participate and join the fun :)

Could’t wait to see what you’ll comes with :)

Thanks pvt :) I hope you too could find the time to join and submit and entry :)

Rambles of Orange:
Yeay! I can’t wait to see what you’ll comes up with :)
Pollywog15 2 years ago
Can we enter more than one entry?
kosbrick 2 years ago

Yes. You can submit as many entry as you can :)
Cab ~ 2 years ago
Just to clarify, you are only allowed one entry, correct?
Simon NH 2 years ago
Can I upload photos with 2 minifigs and some brickbuilt objects, like a small tree or an animal, which is characteristic for the minifig? I would present them with a neutral background.
kosbrick Posted 2 years ago. Edited by kosbrick (admin) 2 years ago
Mr. Cab:
You can submit as many entry as you like through the month, though keep in mind that quality over quantity is what this challenge all about :)

Side note:
1 (one) fig entry can only be submit to 1 (one) category. You can not submit one fig to several category, choose only one category which you see fit :)

You can submit more than one photo for you fig in the entry thread (including one with brick build background if you like), but keep in mind to include 1 (one) photo with a neutral (and plain) background since that particular photo is the one that will be put in the community poster. If you don't include the neutral background photo you'll be risking not to be put in the poster though it's still eligible to win the best of category and took home the trophy and decaled tile :)

Side note:
You can put more than 1 fig in a single photo. If you're making a fig series, such as "The Walking Dead cast", you can shot all the fig in a single photo. BUT judges will judge each fig as an individual entry and will not count it as a series.

See these links for example:
▪ Example 1
▪ Example 2
Delta Customs 2 years ago
What if it is a Collab between two people? Sculpting done by one, and painted by another.
Jacob Menday 2 years ago
Can I enter in more then one minifig as one entry? It would be a collection of minifigs that go together. I'm really excited about this!
kosbrick Posted 2 years ago. Edited by kosbrick (admin) 2 years ago
Delta Customs:
You can, but you only can put on the category where you did your part. If you're the one who painted, then you should put it on the "Best Paint" category, since 1 fig can only enter 1 category at a time :)

Jacob L. M.:
You can enter a series of figs, but the judges will judge each fig individually and will not be count as a series. To be fair, judges will judge it as 1 fig vs. 1 fig and not a series of figs vs. 1 fig.
AlienHunter143 2 years ago
Can a fig be entered in more than one category, for example, if I sculpted a fig and then painted it would I enter that in both categories?
kosbrick 2 years ago

Unfortunately no, you can only enter 1 category for 1 fig :)

The thing is, burningblocks who will be making the community poster will took all the entries posted on those 4 entry threads and compose all of that in a poster. It would make those who posted in more than 1 category will be put more than once in the poster and it would be too difficult for her to pick and separate which one is which who posted in more than 1 category.

I would suggest you choose which one have better chance to win, is it the paint or the sculpt. Hope it helps :)
vitreolum 2 years ago
Great timing, should work well with my horror series. :)
TheRoyalBrick 2 years ago
As not to be redundant, I read through all the rules before asking, but as far as I can tell, this question hasn't yet been asked.

Can more than one entry be submitted to one category?
So could I enter 2 or more (unrelated) figs into the same category?

Thank you! I'm enjoying the competition already!
kosbrick 2 years ago
Hope you could participate, those figs on your horror series would be great :D

Yes you can. You can submit as many fig entries in 1 category :)
~TheFlyingScotsman~ 2 years ago
When will the judging happen?
[E]ddy 2 years ago
Dyroth 2 years ago
C'mon man, it's been three months, will there be any judging?
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