mano8 10:47am, 6 May 2012
Hi, I bought MatteBox for Iphone 3 days ago and after 5 or 6 images the app don't propose me to "save" it me or is there a problem?...
Ben Syverson PRO 5 years ago
Try force-quitting the app or restarting you phone. Sorry about that!
mano8 5 years ago
I don't how really, but it now works again ... good app, thanks.
Ia m now on a travel in Jerusalem, I will post when back ...
Slideblues6 5 years ago
App will not allow me to save photos, they do not show up in my camera roll.
Any suggestions?
Thank you.
Ben Syverson PRO 5 years ago
Try force quitting the app or restarting the phone! Sorry about that!
Slideblues6 5 years ago
Thanks Ben, restarted the phone, now works fine.
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