GioX3 5:45pm, 3 August 2012

I'm looking for some locations to take couple, HS seniors, engagements, etc... pictures in Maryland and specifically in Montgomery County.

What I'm looking for is a nice park (possibly with some shade), a farm, an urban area (downtown of some nice little town) or just a nice street and every other place you guys think can be cool to shoot in.

Also, as I'm pretty new to portraits, any suggestion is appreciated!

Thanks a lot for your help
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
chevy chase is a nice historic urban environ. where falls road nears the potomac, you have the c&o canal parks with nice trails/ parks/ semi man made abandonment. and farms are from what i hear are better found in north/northwest county. river road in general might satisfy all your needs stretching from nw DC straight through the west side running parallel to the Potomac.
GioX3 6 years ago
Anything else?
How about some places towards Columbia?
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
absolutely. columbia itself is relatively modern and for a lot of ppl, a little boring and mostly residntial. pg county however is amazing place. ne dc exits into the county and eastern pg county is mostly park and farm land(especially the area along us-301 and east of 301 where the river is)
another area that has a lot of diversity is the I-270 area between the beltway and frederick. with gaithersburg and germantown surrounded by farms and parks and the one advantage for some is just west of frederick, you have the mountains. maryland truly is a mini u.s.a. model.
GioX3 6 years ago
Thanks a lot for your info.
I know I ask a lot but...I need some place specific to go for a photoshoot.
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
check out gaithersburg, md in montgomery county. it was incorporated in 1878 and some of that history still stands. this is the historic courthouse and right behind it is the a mildly urban park. they also have this park which includes mini golf, trails, and other stuff. Then if you take ridge rd out of the germantown/gaithersburg area, to the north you will pass mt. airy at the intersection with I-70 and outside of mt. airy is miles of farmland. i think this MIGHT be a good area for you to shoot from. more in a later post.
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
another place although it is inside d.c. is taking Connecticut ave into d.c. and when you get to this area you start to get into more urban d.c. but you are extremely close to the national cathedral and the smithsonian national zoo. outside of the zoo the rest of rock creek park has a lot of trails and natural places to shoot in. this area, however, you will be hard pressed to find farmland. more in t later post.
GioX3 6 years ago
Very detailed!
Thanks a lot!!!
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
If you don't mind travelling a bit. over in pg county you have the town of Upper Marlboro , almost 150 years old. all around upper marlboro are multiple parks and trails. if zoom out of the link you will notice, miles and miles of forest, farms, horse farms, etc. and only 1/2 hour away you hit a nice area called Chesapeake Beach, MD right on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The route between the two areas require you to cross the Patuxent River which is lined with parks and wildlife refuges. this is an area i find stunning, especially with places like this lining many of the roads. i want to get my own camera down here.
blightylad1 PRO 5 years ago
Brookside Gardens, Wheaton.
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