Beltsville Girl 12:22am, 26 July 2012
I lived in the old housing development called Calvert Homes in the early 50's. The site was demolished, and over the years the trees have grown up. Now I hear that they want to saturate the entire area with Housing. (oh enough with the housing developments already!)

I wish they would leave it alone, or just have the few stores planned. If you look at it on a Google aerial map, it looks like an oxygen rich pair of lungs for a very polluted area. Aerial maps are kind of upsetting at times. I am hard pressed to locate some of my old haunts. I'm 65, and I'm still trying to find any reference to Jerry's Foot long Hot Dogs in Bladensburg.
I recall that it was a blue and orange building, and had an overhang for driving up and getting curb service. If anyone recalls the place, please let me know.
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
i know the feeling. between upper marlboro, bowie, and laurel.... how many houses can you squeeze before green completely disappears. i don't know much about pgc since i live in baltimore county and just drive a truck down there but from what i found, this is what is left
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From what i got it was on the colmar manor side next to the river.

these guys have a conversation about northern pgcounty. check near the end to see the hot dog reference.
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