Places You Miss

Beltsville Girl 1:56am, 5 February 2011
I have been looking for old pictures of things "Maryland" and I want to know if I am asking the impossible. Is it likely that any of you recall Mayo Beach, Hyattsville Theater, Pinkuses bar and grill ? The Pony rides in Riverdale, the Pottery place just before you reached College Park campus on US 1 where they sold Mexican pottery, and yard stuff, gazing balls, etc. Polar bear frozen custard in Riverdale. I guess my point is : maybe we never thought to take pictures of such things because we thought they would always be around. Surely there are old photo albums filled with lost images.

Does anyone have a photo of the Woolworths building in Hyattsville, now or then ? I recall a shoe store with the weird xray machine in it for your feet somewhere along that area, and of course, Howard Johnson's, and their orange freezes. How about Jerry's Foot Long hot dogs ? I am 63, so many of you won't know about these delightful places, but they were so cool !
Stu_Jo PRO 8 years ago
I think sometimes those photos are in attics or basements and I always wonder when someone passes away if their children/grandchildren realize or appreciate the treasure trove that is there.

Your question reminded me of a book I once came across:
BlackCat Nala 8 years ago
There are lots of places that I miss. There are too many to name.
Beltsville Girl 8 years ago
Wieles Ice Cream in Langley. I have part of the menu listed at Vintage Menus on Flickr groups.
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