elfin mitten [deleted] 12:14pm, 30 January 2011
Share your photos of driver with "snow hat". Too rude & lazy to clean off the tops of their cars! Don't let this be you. :(

meabbott PRO 7 years ago
Many people can't reach all of that snow. Has nothing to do with being lazy and rude.
R._s. 7 years ago
way too much time on your hands, public school teacher?
Stu_Jo PRO 7 years ago
Definitely dangerous when you are the car behind them and all that goes flying off on the highway at 60mph.
Michael James Vogt 7 years ago
OK not being lazy? Yeah ok...well i work as a doorman/bouncer at a club in federal hill and when i see a CAR parking with snow-domes i will wait til they leave then go over and push the snow onto the front and back windshield. Love the expression when they come back cussing and i say you know driving with a snow-dome can get you a ticket? LOL
starg82343 PRO 7 years ago
If they can't "reach" the snow, they should get a longer handle.
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