stacysayzcheez 1:38am, 28 September 2008
Anyone interested in a photowalk in Havre de Grace? I have included a link that shows some interesting things to see and do. I would be willing to organize this if anyone is interested.

let me know.

Marcellina. 10 years ago
Oh that sounds like a fun place to have a photowalk! Great idea!
NinjaShutter 10 years ago
I would be up for this, I have actually never explored HDG and I live about 20 minutes away.
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
OK great to see some interest now lets talk dates? Saturdays are better for me. The last walk I went on we met early like 8 AM so we could explore the town before it started getting busy.
meabbott PRO 10 years ago
What exactly is a photowalk? I see a few links around about it but nothing that defines what it is.
C_C_R Posted 10 years ago. Edited by C_C_R (member) 10 years ago
I'd be down.

Saturdays are good for me as well.
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago

A photowalk is a f antsy name for a group of people that get together in a particular place to "walk" around and take pictures. Then they sometimes meet up at the end to compare shots and talk about what they saw. It can be a lot of fun to look at someone else's perspective of something you have shot as well.
meabbott PRO 10 years ago
Stacy: Hmm. Sounds interesting. I am interested in the Havre de Grace one. I haven't been there before.
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
OK, so seems like we have some interest here. I am pushing for a Saturday so do we want to try and make it October or November? Let me know and I will start working on details.
meabbott PRO 10 years ago
Hmmm. For me late October or November around when the leaves are changing would be my vote.
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
OK there is some pirate thing going on Nov. 8th. So there will be an activity to photo is people want to do that, there will be other things to photo is people want to do that. So I think I will start planning for Nov. 8th. Look for details to come.
bellamotives 10 years ago
Sounds great! I'm in!!
Marcellina. 10 years ago
CooL! Glad there's a pirate event going on too!
Count me in.
hysterical sugar [deleted] 10 years ago
8th works for me.....any other details?
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
I will be going up this weekend to check out a possible route/place to meet/eat. I will report back with a time and place but am open to suggestions on what time folks would like to meet. Earlier seems better before the streets get too crowded and then you are shooting around folks.

So I will do some exploring this weekend and get back to you soon.
C_C_R 10 years ago
Nov 8th there is also a reptile show/swap/meet in havre de grace from 9am-3pm

heres a link
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
well we will be in the right place then. A little something for everyone.
C_C_R 10 years ago
nail down a meeting spot yet?
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
Because of the weather I didn't go last Saturday but am going regardless. I will post as soon as I return. Glad to see the interest is still there. I am looking forward to it.
stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
OK hope everyone is still up for this. I went to Havre de Grace today to scope things out. There is lots of photo opportunities and there was nothing special going on today. November 8th there are lots of activities planned so that should add to the opportunities.

Here's the scoop. I live in Columbia MD and it took me a little over 30 minutes to get there. I took 95 North, you do have to go through the tunnel and there is a $2 toll. I got off at exit 89 and followed the signs to the attractions. Pretty easy. We can meet at one of the public parking lots, I can hand out the maps that show where everything is and then we can head out.

There are a couple of options here. Some of the places are close enough together that you could walk from one to another and others are a little farther out and you might want to drive and then walk around.

I would suggest getting there at 8:30 AM. That way you can get some shots of the town before it gets up and running. Also gives us a chance to meet and develop a game plan.

So let me know who is interested so I can make sure I have enough maps with me. Looking forward to it.
learned quiver [deleted] 9 years ago
I just saw this ....let me know if you do one may check out the Washington Meetup group that has many listed too
Have fun
reyjrar PRO 9 years ago
I'm just starting out with photography, but I did grow up in Havre de Grace. If you do this again, let me know as well. I'd be excited to meet some people who know what they're doing! (Plus there's some good food options!)
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