Mansour 7:13pm, 14 June 2008
Does anyone know the closest Appalachian Trail access/entrance point to Baltimore?
meabbott PRO 10 years ago
Based on the map at the link below you have a few options. I have been to Harpers Ferry, WV a few times and the AT goes right through town and across the river on a railroad bridge there.

Here's a photo of the part of the AT that cross the Potomac at Harpers Ferry:

5630 Covered Hopper Entering Tunnel

It is the fenced in area on the right. Not a great shot but gives you the idea. I thought I had a side view of this section with the Potomac in view but I don't see it in my sets.
Throwingbull PRO 10 years ago
There are about 42 miles of AT in Maryland running from PennMar to Harper's Ferry with easy access at either end.. There are numerous access points along the way. One of the best to reach from Baltimore would be at the South Mountain Inn (6132 Old National Pike • Boonsboro, MD 21713). They allow hikers to park in the far end of their lot and hike from there. It is near the George Washington Monument. There is also an access point off of 40 where it crosses I-70. You have probably seen the AT overpass there if you ever traveled on I-70. The southern part of the MD trail is the easiest to hike. The farther north you go the more rocky the trail. Here are some links to help you:
Throwingbull PRO 10 years ago
My apologies. Many of the links on the second page I gave above are no longer valid. Start here:
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