8:09pm, 24 March 2008
This is a good event if you want some spectacular images of birds of prey. They usually exhibit an assortment of Owls, Hawks, a Turkey Vulture and a Raven.

I'll be there, be sure to say hi to the guy in the bright orange coast guard hat. Be sure to call Lloyd at the number below and get your name on the list, this event is getting more and more popular every year!

Spring Wild Images
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2008
Time: 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.
Location: The Carrie Murray Nature Center
Address: 1901 Ridgetop Rd.
Baltimore, MD. 21207

Cost: $10.00/ per person

Contact: Lloyd O. Tydings; Naturalist
Phone: (410) 396-0808
Fax: (410) 265-1085

E-mail: lloyd.tydings (AT) baltimorecity (DOT) gov

Description of Event: Take pictures of our birds of prey in natural Settings. All ages and levels of experience welcome. For more info or reservations pls. call.
Michael James Vogt 10 years ago
Are we talking about pictures like this:
Juvenile Redtail Hawk vs Seagull 8
i rather be out in the field trying to catch birds in action and fortunatly there is alot of places in maryland to get pictures. 10 years ago
Red Tailed Hawk, yes. Enjoying a nice meal - no. The last few times I've gone the coordinators do their best to place the birds in natural settings and do their best to hide the leashes.

For real bird watchers with super long lenses like yourself, it doesn't compare. But for those who don't have the patience, reach, or skill to take those in the wild this is a great alternative.
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