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avi8tor4fn PRO 10 years ago
Why do I want to do this?

By authorizing this link, you'll allow the photophlow service to provide:

Access to your photos (including private photos)
Editing of your photo information via photophlow
Uploads to your Flickr account via photophlow
JohnMilleker.com 10 years ago
Its actually a neat system. It integrates with your Flickr so that's why the TOS seems harsh (and I'm sure using the flickr API forces them into wording that way too). Think of a Photophlow room as this group having a conference room and we're all sitting around a table. Everything in our Flickr can be passed around, commented on, etc..
neilberkman 10 years ago
Hi all - Neil from photophlow here. Here's a thread from the photophlow group on flickr that should explain the authorization language:


Hope to see you all on photophlow!
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