7:32pm, 27 September 2007
I'm planning a photo outing to the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville,
Maryland. Oktoberfest weekend (German Dancing, Music and Beer) on Sunday
October 7th. Gates open at 10am, meet shortly thereafter inside the gates
near the fountain. URL:

I have also invited the Arundel Camera Club and the Maryland (and
surrounding area) POTN groups. This is the third such meetup and
we've had a lot of great people attend - we always have a lot of fun!

Dress for the weather. If the grounds are dry there is a substantial
amount of dust in the air as all the paths are dirt paths. Bathrooms,
sinks and sanitation isn't the greatest - bring waterless hand sanitizer.
Lens cleaning equipment is a must. There will be plenty of both paid and
unpaid characters at the event. Bring business cards and model releases if
you wish. If the sun is out there will be harsh lighting. You may wish to
bring a reflector or fill flash. Pack your lens hoods.

There will be plenty of entertainment to shoot. Many stages with shows
that overlap. Check out the entertainment schedule and map out a plan of
what you want to see. A schedule is available here:

The Jousting is certainly something not to miss, get there early for good

Admission is $18 per person at the gate, seniors 65 and up are $15 and
children between ages 7 and 15 $8.

If we can muster at least 20 people we'll get reduced entry at $13 per
person. Reply here if you think you can make it, if it appears that we may
be able to make this limit, I'll reply here and we'll change our meeting area
to outside the will call window.
dramatic brake [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by dramatic brake (member) 11 years ago
I'll be there with my wife and son. I may even be able to bring a model, though that may a bit iffy. Will see what I can do.

EDIT: Oh, you may want to post this in the POTN flickr Group as well. 11 years ago
Update: Lots of interest so far. Current weather is rain on Saturday night and Sunday. Of course, being a week away that will change a few dozen times. So, lets hope for rain to kill off the dust the night before and blue skies on Sunday. If not we can just pack it all up and sit at the tavern until the rain stops. 11 years ago
Weather looks good, no rain and a high of 86. Since conditions have been so dry, expect lots of dust.

There are about a dozen people that have expressed interest in the event though not enough for a discount. Please pay at the gate and meet between 10 and 10:30am at the fountain. I say 10:30am so people have a chance to purchase tickets and make their way inside.

For anyone showing up late, we'll be at the Jousting Area for the 12-12:30pm Joust. Just look for the people with the camera gear, we'll most likely get there early for good seats.

As for me, I wear a bright orange Coast Guard hat to all the meets so look for that. Although she's not as bright as she used to be.

Hope to see everyone there!
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